A View from the Road

So today is the last day for the #SummerRunHunt Scavenger hunt with us. Have you submitted all your pictures? Even though my sister and I came up with most of the items on the list, they certainly were not easy for us to find.  We will be posting a few of our favorites that other people submitted later this week, but for now, lets take a look at what we found.

 #7. This wasn't quite the animal crossing we were thinking off, but I saw it in someone's yard during a run and it was too funny to not take a picture of.

#8. Someone must have realized that eating McDonalds was not such a great idea because their whole meal was discarded on the side of the road.

#9 We never realized just how many port o potties are actually around until we started looking for them. I even saw a pink one, but I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

#11. Believe it or not, this is NOT one of our dogs . We actually went looking for a dog. He/she is just as cute though, don't ya think?

#13. Apparently slow and steady does not always win the race. Poor turtle!
#14. As plentiful as red cars are, this one proved to be the most challenging for us. We saw them on our runs and walks, but they were moving so it was hard to get a picture of it. I actually found this red car today on one of my neighborhood walks. I actually felt a bit creepy  standing outside of someone's house taking a picture of their car.
#15. This picture of another runner actually made me feel kind of stalker-ish as well, 

 #16. As much as we love Disney, this flag did not belong to either one of us ( or anyone we know). We just happened to come across it.

 #19. Wish we could have found a more creative word.

This wasn't on the list but I saw it when I was at the beach last week and thought I would share!

Even though our hunt is ending today, The #RunChat Scavenger hunt is just beginning.

Here are the ten items on their list:

1. A running trail or path.
2. A Funny Sign
3. A Dog
4. Someone fishing
5. A Sunrise or sunset
6. Farm Equipment
7. Road Kill
8. A  great local dive Bar
9. A Pay Phone
10. A Gnome

This ought to be fun!

Of course you'll want to go to their web page to learn more and check out the official rules!

So do you have all your photos submitted for our hunt? Will you be participating in the #RunChat hunt?

Happy Hunting guys!


  1. This is such a super fun idea! What a sin...the poor turtle!

  2. Posting the last of my photos that I found this weekend to your FB page! Fingers crossed!

  3. Is that a giant hydrangea bush?! I love it! The roadkill not so much :) This was fun! I didn't find everything, but it made me notice more things on my run. The best part is I got one of my non-blogger, sometimes-runner friends to do it and I loved seeing her post pics on your timeline. (Her name is Victoria) Thanks again ladies!

  4. I wasn't able to find a Disney lawn ornament, but I had a lot of fun finding the rest (and telling my running friends to keep an eye out for fruit trees and Disney lawn ornaments!). Thanks for putting this on!

    P.S. I also felt a little stalkerish taking some of my pics ;)

  5. Great pics!! That Big Foot crossing sign is too funny!

  6. Thanks again to you both for hosting this, it was a lot of fun:) Cute bachelorette sign:) Funny thing is as I am visiting your blog, I am listening to the Bachelorette in the background, LOL