Anchorage Marathon Race Recap

 Last Saturday a friend and I ran the Anchorage Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. We woke up the morning of the race and of course it was daylight out. It was actually daylight everyday from 5am until about 2am. This race was fairly small, less than 700 runners. We drove to a parking lot to ride the bus to the start. There was no problem parking or getting on the bus as one came by every 15 minutes. When we arrived at the start there was barely any lines for the porta potty. That's one indication you know it's a small race. 

Soon it was time

My Alaskan Journey started in Boston....

So as you are reading this I am currently making my way to Anchorage Alaska. But my journey to get here started a few days ago. 

First I flew up to Boston to meet my friend for the day before flying to Seattle (well that was the plan anyways).

My next adventure

If you saw my IG story the other day, I asked what Marathon you think I would be running next?

If you guessed ......

Chatting over Coffee

Happy June! I realize I missed the official Coffee Talk Link up withe Deborah and Coco but I'm feeling quite chatty so I thought  I would share some thoughts anyway.    If we were having Coffee here are the 5 things I would mention.