Friday, March 22, 2019

Shamrock 8K Race....Virginia Beach

Last weekend I was in Virginia Beach and ran the Shamrock 8K. In past years I have done the full marathon, but this year I decided not to since I have two marathons in April.

The reason I was going to Virginia Beach was

Friday, March 15, 2019

Should you try Acupuncture for your Dog?

A few weeks back I shared an Instagram Story about Baylee's Acupuncture appointment. If you'd like to see the video, it is still up under the " I Love Labs" Highlights.   I had quite a few comments and questions about Baylee and her acupuncture so I thought I would write this post.

We knew from the beginning that arthritis and joint pain could be an issue with this dog breed so we started Baylee on a joint supplement called Cosequin (which is Glucosomine for dogs) but since Baylee has acquired issues with her heart and kidneys over the years, we have not been able to give her those.

Retrievers especially are prone to hip dysplasia. Fortunately Baylee does not have hip dysplasia but she does have arthritis.  This affects her back legs and and they often go weak on her and she can't stand or sit for extended periods of time with out her legs squatting.

Our vet does not do acupuncture at her office so we had to travel to another office she recommended.  I did a LOT of research on acupuncture for dogs before I committed Baylee to this.  I learned that dogs are often sore and lethargic for a day after the treatment and for this reason I wanted to do her treatments on Friday afternoons so I could be withe her all day the next day. I talked to the acupuncture vet on the phone ahead of time and found that she is not there on Fridays  so I have to go during the week but the she assured me the side effects would not be bad for Baylee.

  By talking to her ahead of time I also learned that it would take 3 sessions before we could tell if Baylee would see results.  Baylee and I have never met this new vet but as soon as we met her in person we both knew we loved her. She told me right away that she could tell Baylee was so connected to me!

As we are talking about Baylee, the vet is "secretly" feeling around Baylee so she can tell what has been going on with her body. Baylee currently has other medical issues other than arthritis. By feeling around, she is able to tell where she needs to put the needles.

I was super surprised that Baylee was not bothered one bit with the needles being stuck into her.   The needles are suppose to enhance blood flow which improves healing.  Acupuncture also stimulates the nervous system and increases the release of anti-inflammatory  and pain relieving substances to reduce discomfort.

We've gone to three sessions already and each time the vet has put the needles in different parts of her body. Sometimes she puts the needles in her head,  as well as down her back, and sometimes she put them in her paws. This last time she put them on the pressure points that effect digestion ( which was needed because Baylee has been having GI issues). 

I am that crazy dog mom that has been keeping a journal of how Baylee has been feeling and I have noticed that Yes, Baylee has been feeling bad the days she gets her acupuncture done. She feels very weak and makes me wonder if the treatments are working.   However, on the following days she still acts like a playful puppy.  She walks around okay and I think it's easier for her to get up.  However, It looks like it is painful for her to sit and lay herself down on the floor because she does it very slow and cautiously. Also, my main concern of her squatting to eat has not been resolved.

I of course know there is no cure for an aging dog but I want to know I am doing everything I can to make her feel more comfortable.  I can't say for sure how I feel about the acupuncture if it is helping or not but then again , I don't think she is getting any worse so maybe it is just keeping her condition at bay.    -M

Friday, March 8, 2019

A Day in New Orleans

New Orleans has always been one of my favorite cities to visit. The city has so much to offer. Whether it's gambling you like, great restaurants, or nightlife, NOLA has it all.

 I recently took my friend there for the first time to visit. It was kind of

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

One Sentence A Day

For Several Years now I have been reading the blog Knit by God's Hand, by my friend Rebecca Jo. She's been doing a series called One Sentence a Day where she sums up one day of her month in one sentence.  I've been telling her literally for years that I'm going to participate, and then I never do because I can't remember what I did every day of the month, but since this month only had 28 days, I thought maybe I could try it!

Of all months to document, honestly February was one of the most difficult ones for me.  Baylee had a lot of health problems this month plus we had a lot of bad weather days. But on the bright side, that meant some delays and days off school.

Friday Feb 1: Finally had a full day of school this week. #CrazyWeather

Saturday Feb 2: I got to report live from the local Polar Bear Plunge #ThisIsCraziness

Sunday Feb 3: The Sun was out in all its glory and so I decorated my porch for Valentines day. #ThoughtSpringWasComing

Monday Feb 4: My Story on the Polar Bear Plunge made the front page of the Newspaper! #NotFakeNews

Tuesday Feb 5: When I left work this day, I pulled my keys out of my bag and my Flash Drive fell out of my bag and landed in a puddle!!!!  #MyLifeIsOnThatFlashDrive  #ThankfullyItStillWorked

Wednesday Feb 6: Ran some errands with my Baylee and stopped at the pet store and got her a Vanilla Rawhide.  #SheAlsoGotTreats

Thursday Feb 7: I went to the Yankee Candle store and made Valentine Gifts!
   #ArentTheseDarling #IdidNotWaitTillTheLastMinute

Friday Feb 8: Keeping my resolution to attend our Friday night Church Service.  #NowICanSleepInOnSunday

Saturday Feb 9: Saturdays are for sleeping in! #Letthedogoutthengobacktobed

Sunday Feb 10: Made Valentine Cookies! #TheyAreMickeyShaped

Monday Feb 11: Baylee's eating area got a make over when her name decal arrived from Etsy!

Tuesday Feb 12: No School today so I finished up more writing assignments for the newspaper and finally ran on the treadmill.  #Snowday #WorkfromHome #OnlyAMile

Wednesday Feb 13: Two-hour weather delay in the morning and then our Galentines day gift exchange at a local Coffee Shop!  #LetsMakeGalentinesDayATradition

Thursday Feb 14: My husband had to be out of town tonight but left these beautiful flowers for me.

Friday Feb 15: Finished a Novel called "The Trouble with Valentine's Day" and then started a new book.

Saturday Feb 16: Had a surprise visit from my sweet Nana and she brought me Valentine flowers!

Sunday Feb 17: Had to go to a memorial for a dear friend's husband who had passed away.  #LifeGoesSoQuick  #HugYourLovedOnes

Monday Feb 18:My Husband had to take Baylee for an emergency vet visit while I had to go to work.  #OneWorriedMomma  #ThankfulForMyHusband #SheGotMeds

Tuesday Feb 19: Baylee's first acupuncture appointment.  #DogsWhoGetAccupuncture

Wednesday Feb 20: Early Dismissal due to ice.   
 #TookMeAnHourToGetHome #GotToBeHomeEarlyToSeeMyGirl

Thursday Feb 21: Another delay and then errands with my girl. #WeWalkedThePark #WeSawDucks

Friday Feb 22: So Glad it was Friday!  #HelloJammies

Saturday Feb 23: Finally went grocery shopping and then later that night watched the movie "Me Before You"    #IReadTheBook

Sunday Feb 24: Today was a stay in those Jammies type of day and make meals and do Shutterfly.

Monday Feb 25: Wind gust up to 55 mph today....brrr #INeedNewSweaters

Tuesday Feb 26:  Baylee's 2nd acupuncture appointment   #CanYouSeeAlllTheNeedles #IHopeWeSeeImprovement

Wednesday Feb 27: Still worrying about my Baylee. #Iloveher

Thursday Feb 28: Praise the Lord this month is over! #Hurryupspring

How did your February go? Are you glad it's over?  -M

Friday, March 1, 2019

Bodyflow Training with LesMills

If you have been following me for  any amount of time, you may know that in addition to my flight attendant job, I also get to teach Group Fitness classes on my "days off". For over ten years I have been teaching Lesmills Body Pump and RPM(cycle).

If you are familiar with any Lesmills programs you know they are intense.  In my opinion they are more intense work outs than any free style classes( maybe I'm bias).

Years ago I told myself

Friday, February 22, 2019

Labradors Run NYC Race

  Sunday, March 17 is the NYC Half Marathon, a race that I have proclaimed as my favorite!  I am not writing this post to relive that experience yet again, I am writing to share with you that on this day LABRADOR RETRIEVERS will be running this race!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Reliving a First Memory

I wanted to do another February Favorites post, however time got away from me and I did not get to finish it. 

However, since this month is Princess Half Marathon month I thought I would share our first experience with that race. 

The day prior (Saturday) we had to get up early for the 5k and this day we had to get up by 3:30 am again. These were the days before the Glass Slipper Challenge and the 10K. This was my sister's first Disney Half marathon. I think I was just as excited as she was even though I was only going to be a spectator. I grabbed my “designer” sign that I made for my sister  Lacey and we all headed for the “event” bus at our resort. I have since learned to make signs that are much easier to pack and transport.

 I actually made this sign in three pieces and assembled it once I got to the resort. I even packed my own stapler. I was a little hesitant that I might not be able to bring a loaded stapler
on the plane, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. ( in reality, the tape dispenser that I brought with me had a sharper edge on it than the stapler).

We got off the bus and walked my sister half way through the parking lot at Epcot and then decided it was more important for us to watch her run through the Magic Kingdom than it would be for us to watch her at the starting line (which we probably wouldn’t be able to see her anyway). We waited in line for the monorail to start operating. We were amongst the first groups of people to arrive at the Magic Kingdom. We all ran in with our signs like we were the ones in the race! The cast members were happy to see us. They were waving with their white Mickey glove hands and many of them commented or gave me a thumbs up on my sign! As we entered, the castle was glowing and the music was playing. I started to get teary eyed just knowing that we were allowed in the MK in the wee hours of the morning (us and several hundred other people, but still it felt like such a secret magical experience).

I have to admit that I didn’t get as good of pictures of my sister running through the MK as I hoped I would. Fortunately, my sister is a fast runner, but unfortunately that means that when she runs through the Magic Kingdom and the castle it is still dark out.  Because we were some of the first people in MK, I could have got closer to the castle, but I opted to stay on Main Street at first, just in case I missed her. They had a space roped off in front of the castle, so you couldn’t get that close, but I found that a good spot was on the bridge on the left hand side as the runners are running out of the castle.   

After their runner came through the MK, many spectators went to other sighting points but we decided to go straight to the finish line and wait there. The finish line was back at Epcot, so we got back on the monorail. We signed up for Runner tracking, so this helpful in letting us know when to get our cameras ready!

Her goal was to finish in less than 2 hours .
 I was so proud of her for meeting that goal!