Friday, October 18, 2019

Chicago Marathon 2019

Originally I thought about using my Chicago Marathon as a training run for my upcoming NYC marathon. But I was feeling good and we were suppose to have nice weather so why not just go for it I thought? And that is just what I did. 

Race morning my friend and I woke up. She had a routine of what she does pre-race with her food and such. I do not.  Luckily they had coffee in the lobby. I had that and a cookie while I was waiting on her. I knew we had Balbo hospitality tickets so I was planning on eating there. 

By the time we got to the area, the line was super long to get in.  When we finally arrived we heard last call for wave one. Oh no, I better hurry up! I used the bathroom, checked my bag, and got in line to be escorted to my corral. So breakfast of champions, a cookie and a chocolate covered pretzel stick. I guess we will see how this goes.

It took forever to get to my corral. I felt like I was doing a warm up run to get there. I finally arrived at my corral and I thought well heck I don't need my throwaway anymore I'm quite warm after all that. I began talking to another runner in my corral. He said he was aiming to do around 3:30. I said sure I'll try that! In my mind I'm thinking 3:30-3:45. But we will see what happens. 

We ran together for quite a awhile. At every mile I would ask him how we were doing. He would either say good, or a little too fast we need to hold back.

We were over half way and I was still feeling good. I was hoping to keep up my pace. We got to around mile 17 and all of a sudden my headphones got really staticky. I guess they un-synced. This was very frustrating because they never did this before. So I tried to re-sync them but nothing was working so finally I just gave up. 

I was at mile 20 and my friend and I were still running together. He stopped to get a water at an aid station and then I lost him. At this time I was bumming a bit, I lost my running buddy and my headphones stopped working. I just told myself all I got is a 10k left I can do this!

I was trying to give it an extra push when I reached the 5k mark but I didn't have much in the tank.

I was around mile 24 and I hear "yeah go 3:25 pace." I thought to myself I didn't think I was around that time. I couldn't tell from the clock on the course because I wasn't sure when it had started but my watch was a few minutes under the clock but not enough to make a 3:25 I thought. I could see the sign out of the corner of my eye so I gave it all I could leading up to the finish line and crossed it with a smile on my face. 

When the pacer followed behind me I asked him when he came in and he said 3:24:47. But then I looked at his bib and he started in the corral behind mine. So of course I had a few more minutes on my watch. I ended with a 3:29:59. So yes, I BQ-ed by a second! I guess I'm considered a squeaker. I know that won't  be enough to get in and you know what I am perfectly fine with that!

After I crossed the finish line it took what felt like forever to get back to that hospitality tent. I got my complementary massage and ate lunch before heading back to the hotel to clean up and explore the city the rest of the day.

The other day I was looking through @Chicagomarathon IG and I saw that it says Guarantee your spot for next year with your time. It said 30-39 if you had a 3:40 or under. Is this true? Or am I missing something else?  -L

Friday, October 11, 2019

I shouldn't have been bragging...

You may  have seen  my post the other week on Instagram about finding the deal of the year. 

I went shopping on a layover

Friday, October 4, 2019

Neptune 8K Race

Last weekend while I was visiting friends in Virginia Beach, I also ran an 8k race. It is part of the Neptune Festival where there are pretty amazing sand sculptures to see. 

I never ran this race so I didn't really know what to expect, except I knew it was going to be a flat course because we were running at the oceanfront.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Another Harvest Festival 5K Race

Every year I run our local 5k race. Last year I actually won first female overall. So needless to say I felt a little pressure this year. 

It is super close to where I live

Friday, September 20, 2019

Finding Gratitude in the Summer that was a Bummer

As our summer "officially" comes to a close this weekend, I felt it was a good time to reflect on the past few months.

As you know,

Friday, September 13, 2019

Are Cookbooks Still Relevant?

I will be the first to admit, I love cookbooks.  Give me a cookbook with big glossy photographs of food  and I will read it from front to back. Whether or not I ever make a recipe out of it is questionable. Perhaps I just like looking at well photographed food?

I will also admit,

Friday, September 6, 2019

Measuring a Marathon Course

If you have been following my IG journey you know that I spent that last week in Maui. Some of you have asked if I was there for work or just for fun.

 The truth is, a little bit of both. No, I did not work a flight there, but I did some work while I was there. I have a friend that is a Race Director and he was asked to measure the Maui Marathon course.