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Walt Disney World Marathon ( The Goofy Challenge, again)
Walt Disney World Marathon ( Our first Goofy Challenge) 

Half Marathons

Disney World Half Marathon ( the first time)

Princess Half Marathon (Our 2nd Glass Slipper Challenge)
Princess Half Marathon ( Our first Glass Slipper Challenge - Meranda's version)
Princess Half Marathon ( Our first Glass Slipper Challenge- Lacey's version)

Princess Half marathon ( the first one)

Wine and Dine Half Marathon ( 2 Course Challenge)
Tinkerbell Half Marathon ( Disneyland Pixie Dust Challenge)
Disneyland Half Marathon ( Dumbo Double Dare Challenge)

10 Miler


Wine and Dine 10K (Lumiere's Challenge)

Disneyland 10K (Dumbo Double Dare Challenge)


Princess Royal Family 5K ( Frozen Theme)
Princess Royal Family 5K ( Cinderella theme)
Princess Royal Family 5K ( Royal Mickey and Minnie theme)
Princess Royal Family 5K  ( Tangled theme)
Princess Royal Family 5K (Beauty and the Beast theme)

The below post are meant to be of interest to anyone who is considering running a Run Disney race or for anyone who just loves Run Disney and wants to read more posts focused around it. Hopefully you will find each post to be helpful to you while you train or just dream about running Disney.  You can fin recaps to all our other races ( including non Disney races)  HERE.

What Disney does if you can't run a race you've registered for.

The Disney Race Project

What to Put in your Pocket for Race Day

What to know about Pre-Order Race Merchandise

Where in the "World" to get race merchandise, engraved, embroidered, or personalized

Finding your Run Disney Race Pictures

The check list : Easy packing tips for a race-cation

Race Day outfit decision (Princess weekend )

The Run Disney Happily Ever After Party

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort: To Stay or not to Stay during a Race Weekend.

Run Disney Merchandise from Marathon weekend

Meeting Run Disney Bloggers and Runners

Disney Race day Outfits (Marathon weekend)

7 Helpful things to Pack for a Run Disney Race-Cation

Pasta Specials For Race weekends at Disney

Our Race Scrapbook 

Songs that are perfect for Night Races

Mickey's Haunted 5KCostume reveal

Disney Marathon Medals revealed.

Does Improper Corral placement bother you?

Missing out on my Very First Marathon bib

Why I'm fearing my next Disney Race

Disney Magic Runs in Other Countries

Creative Disney Costume Ideas

How to build up confidence AFTER signing up for a Disney race challenge

Limiting purchases at Run Disney Expos

Runner signs that inspire us

An alternative to getting sold out merchandise at race expos

Why not take the Disney medal?

Do you agree to these changes to a Disney Race?

Being creative with a Disney Inspired medal display

Behind the scenes of a Disney Running Blogger meet-up

Disney Race Certificates and Decals

Positives and Negatives of Disney's Fit for a Princess Race Expo

Making a Hydration plan for a Disney Race

Adding Magical Accessories to a Run Disney Race

The Rest of our Run Disney costumes

What I'm Packing and NOT Packing for a Run Disney Race

What's your game plan for the Disney Expo?

What you'll want to know about Marathon Foto ( for your Disney race pictures)

Working on Disney running costumes

A Special Delivery from Run Disney

Running outfit for Disney's Jingle Jungle 5K

Updates to Princess Half Marathon race shirts

Experiencing Pasta in the Parks for the first time

Why you should pack gloves for race weekends ( and they are not for your hands)

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