Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: Royal Family 5K Race

Princess 5k

In 2012 we were back in Disney for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Again.  This time we brought our dad with us to run the Royal Family 5K and my sister was prepared to run the Half Marathon.  Since I knew this was a weekend dedicated primarily to woman, I called Run Disney several weeks before the race to see what color the 5K t-shirts would be.  I was hoping for my dad’s sake that they wouldn’t be pink or some other girly color.  I found out that they were going to be white. I also found out
 that they always try to keep the t-shirts a neutral color since it is a family run. For months prior to this race I was trying to determine what the theme of the race would be this year.  Out of process of elimination, I knew it wasn’t going to be Beauty and the Beast because that’s what it was last year, the year prior it was Princess and the frog, and the very first year it was loosely based on Cinderella. So this year I had it narrowed down to two  I thought it would either be Tangled, because that was the new film coming out, or possibly Little Mermaid, since that was the film coming out of the video vault that year.  Turns out it was Tangled, which I had a strong feeling it would be.   The three of us girls all bought tutu skirts to wear this year for the 5K, but after carefully examining myself in the mirror with my skirt on, I decided that it wasn’t quite the look I was going for. I looked silly.  I just don’t think it was the right skirt for me.  So, we all decided to forego the skirts for the 5K, and my sister would wear one of them for the half marathon.

We arrived on Thursday evening and were up and ready for the expo on Friday Morning.

Princess hal marathon

Fit for a Princess Expo is held at the Wide World of Sports complex. Like everything else, Disney does it up big. They had the red carpet rolled out, and this is what greeted us:

Although I feel Disney does it up, I felt that they did skimp on some little detail this year. Last year we got little backpacks, a goody bag, and free tickets to play miniature golf. We didn’t get any of that this year. All we got was our T-shirt, which I am happy for, don’t get me wrong. If I wouldn’t have participated in a Disney race before, I would have never known the difference.  The expo is full of vendors and official Run Disney merchandise. There were many of give-aways and free samples; fruit, luna bars, etc. and raffles. When we got home, my mom got a call that she actually won one of the raffles. She won an I-pod touch! There were also guest speakers. Since ESPN is part of the Run Disney events, one of the speakers was Sage Steele from ESPN. ESPN was following her for the weekend because she was running the Princess Half Marathon.  

Saturday ( Race Day)
It is 4:00 am and we are up for the race. The buses start running at 5:00 am and you have to be in the parking lot by 6:15, and the race starts at 7:00.
The morning of the 5k race started much like last years; up early, breakfast, head to bus stop.  We had the same exact walk from the Epcot parking lot to the start corals.  Since we had done this last year, we knew what to expect this time.  We didn’t get our pictures done with Rapunzel and Flynn because the line was just too long.  We thought maybe we could do it after the race since they were suppose to come back out for photos then too.  The dj’s and their music were as uplifting as they were last year, maybe even a bit more.  As we were ushered into our corral, the dj introduced us to a lady who had a remarkable story.  Her name was Kimberly Sheenin.  She told her story of how she was in a horrible car crash and was left a quadriplegic. Doctor’s didn’t think she would ever walk again, but through the power of prayer and help from her therapy team she did! After she learned how to walk again, she wanted to challenge herself to see what she could do next. She wanted to complete this race. Her therapy team said they would do the race with her. They all crossed the finish line together in less than an hour. Here is live video of her inspirational story.

Princess 5k
The start of the 5k race
Soon it was time for the national Anthem, and a display of fireworks signaling the start of the race. I hate to admit this, but I am the slowest runner in my family. So the plan was that my sister and mom would run together, and my dad and I would run together. My dad has never done a race before so he wasn’t feeling very confident and was going to hang back with me so I had someone to run with. Well, it turned out that this became a friendly competition between my dad and my sister.  ( I am proud of him for he had been training for this for a while). So of course my mom hung back with me again this year. I lost her somewhere around the UK, but caught up with her again as we entered future world. I know this race is just for fun, but it did make me feel a tiny bit better when I was running over the bridge in France and still saw all these people just now making their way into Mexico. It is just so amazing to see the park filled with so many runners! When we had less than a half mile to go, this one girl decided she was going to take a detour and not run AROUND the fountain to spaceship earth, but cross right through it!  We crossed the finish line and we had shaved three minutes off our time from last year, but we stopped last year and got pictures with all the characters.


Princess 5k, Character spot in Epcot, Pluto

At the finish line we looked for my sister and dad, and then walked over to get our finishers medal. If you want to be a spectator, there is a stand of bleachers set up for people to watch.  We then got drinks and a goody box. It wasn’t even near 8:00 yet, so we had more than an hour before the park ( Epcot) opened. We thought it senseless to ride the bus back to the resort and then hope back on to come to the park. So we passed the time like so many others. We ate our snacks, took pictures, and watched the other racers cross the finish line. One of the great things about watching a Disney race is the unique costumes you see. One of my favorites was a lady who was dressed as Mary Poppins. She even ran in her big hat! Another cute one was a father and his daughter (she was about 10). She was dressed as Belle and he had a full Beast costume. I’m sure he was warm in the morning, but by the end of the race, he had to be hot.

Disney medal 2012
The Tangled 5k medal

 What was one of the most unique Running Costumes you have seen either at Disney or elsewhere?

More later.
Thanks for reading.




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