The Best Train Adventure for Dogs

 I anticipated Fall to be so great this year.  I had plans to go to a dinner theater, take Sybie on a train ride for her birthday, go to Disney World for the Food and Wine Festival, and even run my first race since 2019!  Not to mention that the weather is just always so beautiful here in Fall, so I looked forward to walking and running on my favorite trail. It was going to be a great time of year!

Instead I ended up getting very sick and was laid up in the house for several weeks. I totally missed the transition to fall,  the trip to Disney, the race, and all the peaceful walks/runs on my favorite trail.  As I recovered I developed some health problems, and then one of my good friends whom I loved very much got sick and passed away very quickly.  What is suppose to be such a great time of year turned out to be one of the lowest points in my life.   It's been tough.  But before all this happened, I am thankful that we did get to take Sybie on an adventure for her 2nd birthday. It's the little things!

How it started: Over the summer we discovered that Sybie was intrigued by trains.  Every time she would hear a train, she would stop what she was doing and stare so intently in the direction the sound was coming from. If you've ever seen a lab stare so intently, it is the cutest thing.