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A very long time ago I found a $10 bill while out on a run.  It was laying on the sidewalk of a route I had never run before. To be honest, I was a little hesitant to pick it up and when I did I felt a little guilty that I took something that did not belong to me.  Had it been in front of  someone's house or driveway I would have taken it to that person's house.  Since this was just randomly laying on the sidewalk, chances are it could have belonged to anyone, and anyone was just as likely to pick it up, so why shouldn't I treat myself for a run that I didn't really feel like doing in the first place, right? Makes sense!

Since then,

Reflecting on the first half of the year.

I can't believe we are almost approaching the middle of the year already. I know I say this every year, but where has the time gone?

For me, it seems as if the first half of the year goes so slowly and the second half seems to go faster. Until of course

5 Highlights from The Lodge at Woodloch

This year I really wanted to do something special for my mom and my nana for their birthdays since they both help me out so much with Baylee.  Their Birthdays are both actually on the same day, so that made planning easy.  I wanted to go someplace we could get to by car and something that would be suitable and safe for the elderly.  I Googled best Resort and Spas on the East Coast and The Lodge at Woodloch kept coming up as the number one option.

This sounded perfect!  The Lodge at Woodloch is

Running through the Vineyard

Last weekend my Mom, Sister, and I ran a 5k race at a local winery.  This was a "new to us" race.

When we woke up that morning

Big Sur #3

This past weekend I ran the Big Sur Marathon. It was my third time running this race.  Last time I ran it in 2014 I told myself that I would never run it again due to it being very challenging. But never say never right? When I qualified for Boston I knew I wanted to run Big Sur again to complete the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge. This would be my second B2B(I ran B2B in 2013).

I helped out at the