Thursday, May 23, 2019

Reflecting on the first half of the year.

I can't believe we are almost approaching the middle of the year already. I know I say this every year, but where has the time gone?

For me, it seems as if the first half of the year goes so slowly and the second half seems to go faster. Until of course
I approach the end of the school year and then I look back and think What have I done the last 5 month? I'd hate to think that I wasted time or that I merely just "existed"

To be honest, the year did not start off so well for me. In January Baylee got sick. We've dealt with multiple health issues after another. This went on for several months and I prayed that this was just a bump in the road and that things would get better.   During this time I've lost all motivation to run, workout, go shopping, hangout with friends, or really do anything. My life consisted of going to work and then coming home to take care of Baylee.  My job at home consisted of  making Baylee home made meals, trying to get her to eat, trying to get her to take pills, and doing laundry because she would make messes.  I also did not get much sleep because she rarely slept all through the night.  It's been exhausting but I treasured the time because I didn't know what her future held.

I worried Baylee's health would define my 2019. I didn't want to look back on this year and have that be the only thing that I remembered from it.  Fortunately, I do believe that was just a bump in the road.  Things seem to be getting better for her.  We will have another test done this week to see if  all her infections are gone and how her meds and new eating habits are effecting her organs.   She is still battling arthritis but I feel we are managing that as best we can for now. 

So now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to reflect on some positive things from this first half of the year.

1.  I got offered a new column in the newspaper! This one is about lifestyle/community. Just recently I also got offered a Travel column too. I'm really looking forward to this one. I think my first travel piece will be printed after Memorial Day.  I've been focusing more on my professional writing so that is why we've cut down on the blog posts recently. 

2.  Having a little "Galentines" day get together was just the pick me up I needed in the middle of February when the most exciting thing I had to look forward to was watching Dateline on a Friday night. 

You can tell as the weather warmed up, I started being more active.

3. Getting Baylee this cart was definitely the most positive thing I've done thus far. She can now go for walks and runs with me.  I plan on taking her many more places this summer too like festivals and other outdoor events.  I know I feel better having her with me and I can only image she likes the change of scenery too!

4. Signing up and actually running the 5K at the winery was the kick in the butt I needed to actually get out of the house and do something. It had been seven months since I last ran a race.  Even though it was rainy and muddy, it felt good to be in that race environment again.

5. Every Spring I try to take a girl's trip with my mom. This year we went to The Spa at Woodloch Lodge and it was just Fabulous! I won't go into detail because I did write a post about it HERE, but it was very nice to be able to sleep all the night  through. ( and by the way, while I was gone, Scott said Baylee slept all night at home and didn't get him up). 

6. I went with my Pappy and Dad to my first political rally to hear a local candidate speak.  I was a little worried about this at first but it ended up being such a great experience.  It was nice being around so many people who love their country and their God!

I find it funny how different my life has become . In years past I would be visiting Disney during the winter, training for races, traveling, and maybe doing a home project or two but all of that has been put on the back burner because taking care of Baylee was my first priority and that's okay!

I'm glad to have these past months behind me and am looking forward to all the POSITIVE things the rest of the year has to offer. POSITIVE thoughts only!  -M

Has their been something in your life that had changed up your normal routine for a while?


  1. Life certainly throws things at us--you know I've had to deal with RA, but there's been some other things that I haven't blogged about. It's been a tough time. Hoping that the second half of the year is better! For both of us.

    1. The month of May has been really great for me so far. I'm hoping it is a great month for you too as is the rest of the year. Those winter months can be tough!

  2. Baylee is so lucky to have such an attentive mommy ;-) Although we've only had Max four years, it certainly feels like a lifetime, and I cannot imagine life without him. Three different friends lost their dogs this week, and we are all heartbroken...our dogs are such a vital part of our existence and happiness. Here's hoping to a better second half of 2019! Yes, positive thoughts!! <3

  3. Aww, thank you so much Kim. Our pets certainly are a huge part of our lives and when things aren't right with them it throws our whole world off!

  4. So glad to read that precious Baylee is getting better! And she even voted! :)

    1. I think we are all feeling better now that the weather is nice. Baylee certainly did go to the voting poll!

  5. Well, as you know I've been caretaker for multiple seriously ill furkids. Most people don't get it, but I do (and I seriously can't even imagine walking pushing a full grown lab, much less running doing so!).

    I'm glad that Baylee has rallied. It can be so hard to live in the now, but she's here now, so you have to love on her now.

    BTW, Chester usually made it very apparent he wanted to come on our walks (until the end, when sometimes he didn't), even though he could no longer walk much, so I spent a lot of time carrying him while I walked Lola. Oddly enough Lola is now in the position of the "slow" one, but that's just because of age, thankfully, not illnesses, knock on wood.

    How exciting to have a travel column! I would LOVE to do that! Or I think I would, anyway. Good luck with your new ventures and here's to more quality time for you & Baylee.


    1. It really is exhausting being a care taker isn't it?
      I love my stroller time with Baylee. It's actually a good calf workout.

  6. A travel column - that is great news!

    And that wine 5k - I would love to do that one.

    You are so lucky to have family that run....

    I hope the rest of the year goes well for you no matter what paths you choose.

    1. Thanks Darlene. I do appreciate that I have family to run with and they are usually up for anything...Even my crazy ideas ( like Let's do a

  7. Taking care of older dogs is tough. My heart goes out to you and Baylee as I know the journey is not an easy one. We said goodbye to Carlo (age 19) in January and I still miss him. Glad the first almost half of the year had many positives for you as well. I swear each year seems to fly faster.

    1. I am so sorry for the loss of your Carlo. Living to the age of 19 is amazing! I would love to have a dog that lived that long!
      Each year does seem to go by faster and faster!!!!

  8. I have been exactly where you are with my fur babies! I’m glad Baylee seems to be on a more even level right now! And I’m sure the cart is a huge hit!!!!

    Here is to a great second half of the year!!!


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