A Breakthrough....

I've started to run a 2 mile loop around my trail. It's an easy start to help me get back into running yet in away it's not that "easy" of a route because this path is not a traditional running trail.

I usually

Weekly Wrap ...May 29

After the marathon, I made my way back into running by continuously running 4 miles. I know it's not much, but I was proud of that. That was back when I was preparing for the April Fools race (what little preparing I did).  Then I stopped running because of that pesky foot pain.

  Well, after several weeks, I am glad to say that I think that pain has subsided. I am much more choosy about my foot wear and hope to never have that problem again.    

With that being said, I started officially logging miles again this past week!  YAY!  Of course wouldn't you know that the week I start running again it is 89 degrees!  That's okay, I just loved being out there.

I started slow with a few run/walks for the first few days. I then had my massage therapist work on me to make sure everything was in working order. Of course she found a few knots and tight spots but worked all that out. That evening I started doing all running, no walking. I know the weather keeps getting warmer and warmer but I now feel like I am in good shape and am very excited for summer running!

This weekend I even tried out two new routes, one being a track by the hospital, and one being a wooded path along the water at my grandfather's house. The track will be great for some quick runs and the path will be great when I need some shade!

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I Got Curious.....

I have been reading on many blogs lately about what type of fitness tracker they use. Even though I like the concept I never thought I wanted one because let's be honest,  I am not going to do anything different with my workouts based on what a band calculates. I feel like I am very active already and run daily, but.......

Yoga like it's Hot

I recently found a Hot Yoga place in my area.  I stopped in the other day to get some information about it and they gave me a pass to come back to take a free class. So one day last week I took my free class!  This was my first Hot Yoga class. I really didn’t know what to expect. I have only taken a yoga class once, years ago and did not care for it because I didn’t feel like I got a good workout. I guess for me what constitutes as a good workout is something that is going to make me sweat, and I heard that Hot Yoga does that.

Usually everyone brings

Maintaining is Key

Does a new PR make or break a race for you? Are you only happy with your race if you come in at a certain time? We will both admit that "yes", we generally have a certain time frame that we would like to finish our races in but the emphasis is not on a PR. Let's face it, we aren't elites so what is this new PR going to do for us?   I know that sounds like a cop out excuse, right?  But listen, over the past year or so we've been reading about people being disappointed in themselves because they haven't reached a certain time in a race. But yet they finished some amazing races in amazing time frames and that should be what gets celebrated!

Weekly Wrap...May 23

It's time for the Weekly Wrap once again. 

Guess what?  My Fitness Challenge is over!  Its so funny that I am So Happy about this.

5 Beauty Product Favorites

I've never been one to go gaga over beauty products. I use them out of necessity, and that's that.  However, I recently started using some products that are just amazing and thought I would share them as my Friday 5 this week.

The products that I am sharing are ones that have pleasantly surprised me.

Race Day- Encouragement

This weekend was my school's Girls On The Run 5K.  Because I 've been trying to take it easy because of my foot pain, I didn't exactly train for this race but I knew that wasn't going to be a big deal since I was running as a Running Buddy and not trying to run for time.

I stalked the weather all week

One and Done vs Once Again

As much as we really enjoyed every race, there are some that we try to do over again and then some that as nice as it was, are more than happy to say it was a one time deal.  I think you will notice that location, and time of year, are what play the biggest part in whether or not we consider a race again.   Here's our list of just a few, organized by time of year.

Weekly Wrap ...May 15

It's that time again for the Weekly Wrap!

One of the things I was most excited about this week

My "Go to Meal" and a spiral question

This week's Friday 5 is about food.  I'm going to use this as an opportunity to ask some questions and get some opinions on a certain way to prepare certain foods. This is a topic I've been wanting to tackle for a while now but not quite sure how to make it a Friday 5, so just bear with me, okay?

Cinco de Mayo 5K in Virginia Beach

Last Thursday my friend and I ran the Cinco de Mayo 5k. It is another new race from the J&A Race Series. It is the Corporate 5k. Companies could sign up as a group to run together or you could choose to run individually.

When I found out I didn't have to

Destination Races

First off, Thank you to all of you who read through our post yesterday. I know it was a bit longer than usual but it was quite a story!

Anyway, the theme for TOTR is Destination Races.

Disaster on the Trail

My Sunday morning started out great. While visiting with my mom, I asked her if she wanted to go for a  quick walk on the trail. My Fitbit was only showing 158 steps (but it was still early) so I figured I could get a few miles in.

By the sound of my wind chimes I could tell that it was quite windy out. I equated this wind to it also being chilly so we both wore long pants and a sweatshirt. After we got to the trail I quickly learned that was not the case. It was a warm wind and it got hot really fast.          

Weekly Wrap ...May 8th

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So, how did our week/weekend go?

Something that is frustrating me this week

Let's talk about feet....

About 7 years ago, I suffered from severe foot pain.  I imagine I brought this pain on myself because of the types of dress shoes I chose to wear. Lets just say my shoe collection rivaled Carrie Bradshaw's!  The pain would come and go. As luck would have it, it showed up again 2 months before my very first race. I was told that surgery was an option. I just wanted to get through the race and then I would consider the surgery. 

I completely stopped

Ya better watch out.....

A few weeks ago I was reading about a runner who happened to come across a snake during her run. She claimed that snakes were one of her fears, but they were quite common where she lived. Other runners chimed in and said how they are fearful of snakes as well.

Snakes are not real common where I run but I suppose they could pop up. I can

Don't put these shoes in the wrong hands

I was in a discussion the other day with a runner who said that she still has every single pair of running shoes she's ever owned. This gal has been running for over 20 years, so of course I thought this was interesting. She must have a ton of shoes!  She claimed that each pair hold a memory, a challenge, or a PR. I could understand that.

 I then told her a story about my sister, who seemed to be just the opposite.  My sister goes through shoes like nobody's business!

Weekly Wrap....May 1

I have a really great treadmill at home. It's a Nordic Track iFit.  Yet I don't think I even stepped foot on it while training for either one of my marathons. Yup, I discovered that I'd rather run in rain, snow, and 30 degree weather than run miles on a treadmill. However, since I started the fitness challenge at work with my MisFit, the treadmill has become my best friend.

 I forgot how convenient  the