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Hi there! I'm so glad you found our page.  My name is Meranda and I manage, sometimes edit, and create content for Fairytales and Fitness. As you could guess, I love Disney! Disney is where I ran my first race ever, where I ran my first marathon, and where I got married! I love to travel but I've also found joy in smaller races and visiting destinations closer to home.

I am a Labrador mommy, a Teacher, and a Writer.  I write for various magazines and newspapers and am the author of a fashion column called Fashionably Fit.  In addition, I love cooking and decorating my beautiful home. I often contribute lifestyle and Disney content to the blog. 

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Hi, I'm Lacey. I contribute mostly running and travel content to Fairytales and Fitness. I've completed over 20 marathons (including 2 Boston's), and an Ultra! I guess you could say running is a huge part of my life.  In addition to being a runner, I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  I love inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle.

I also enjoy traveling, and that is why I love my career as a Flight Attendant.  This lets me do two things I love at once, traveling and running in new places. It doesn't get much better than that!

Contact us by e-mail at fairytalesandfitness at gmail.com

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You can also visit our facebook page: facebook.com/fairytalesandfitness


  1. Lacey -- Completely agree that traveling and running is pretty much the greatest combination ever!

    Meranda -- Absolutely stunning wedding pic! :)

  2. Hi!! Thanks for finding me! I'm excited to follow your blog - <3 finding fellow runDisney lovers!!

  3. Hi ladies! Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog! I would love to get into running, but every single time I start out I fail in grand fashion. Any tips or training programs you would recommend to a new runner?

    Thanks! Lin @ disneymamas.com

  4. Girls, you are absolutely adorable! Now I see what I've missed out on by not having a sister. Keep it up!


    PS. Wedding at Disney... WHAT?!?!

  5. Ok, I can't for the life of me figure out how to subscribe to the blog via email! Help!!

  6. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your blog!! I am a huge Disney fan & I love to run!

  7. Hey....running and traveling. 2 of my favorite things!
    I will follow you b/c of that! If you get a chance, please check out my brand new blog.

  8. I had a chance to meet Lacy and her friend David at a summer barbeque this evening....Lacy's personality was truly radiant.....the belle of the barbeque!
    Randy Giordano


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