My Time in Denver

 If you have been following me on IG you know that I have spent a lot of time in Denver this week. If you aren't, let's follow each other @lacers02.

I signed up for the Virginia Beach half marathon pretty much at the last minute, so I figured I must get some decent long runs in. Because I've been working so much, I pretty much had to take advantage of running where I was for a few days, so Denver it was!

The morning after arriving in Denver I woke up much earlier than I had hoped to and got ready for a run.  I realized I had forgotten to pack running socks! I went down to the front desk to ask where I could go get a pair and the lady said the Wal-Mart was about a mile and half away and  she tried to give me directions. After walking about two miles in the opposite direction in my flip flops, I had called my co-worker who was already on her way and told her that I couldn't find the Wal-mart!. Since she was already there, I asked her to pick me up a pair of cheap socks and so she did.

I finally set out and ran 7 miles. I didn't feel like the altitude affected my run at all. I will say that the temperature was much cooler here than it has been. I was surprised by this because I heard that the east coast was in a heatwave!

The following day the temps were back in the 80's but I still managed to run 8 miles and found a great running path.

I even got a 13 mile run in this week too!

Another reason I've been trying to get longer runs in this week is because it's been helping me sleep. I've been working some of the red-eye flights, so I've been taking naps in the evenings after my runs.  After a nap (and lots of coffee) I'm ready to go by night time!   I've been trying to avoid these red eyes for a while now but after doing them, it's not so bad.  The hardest part is just trying to keep yourself awake when all the passengers are sleeping and there is less work to do. 

This week I had do some red eyes. I have been trying to avoid these but after doing them, it is not too bad. The hardest part is just trying to keep yourself up when all the passengers are sleeping so there is less work to do.   -L

Do you feel a difference running at higher altitude?

What are your thoughts on taking a red eye?

Weekly Wrap...August 26

I've gained a new perspective on running this week! That tends to happen every couple months as I sign up (or don't sign up) for races and re-evaluate any goals that I might have.

I've been really struggling lately with running. I mean I am running just fine, but it seems to be a bit harder and I'm not hitting the paces I am hoping to, I know for a fact it's because I am NOT doing strength training.  I know I NEED to. 

Because I'm not even doing injury prevention I've not allowed myself to run any of the summer races at the island this month. I've placed in my age group at both the Love Run and the Color Run last time I ran them so I was probably putting a little bit of pressure on myself to do just as well this year and I really didn't think that I could.

There are several 5K's I want to run this fall so I am hoping that once school starts I can get myself back in a routine and that I can make strength training part of it. I was feeling bad that I didn't have anything longer that a 5K planned for fall but then this is where my new perspective kicked in.   I'm going to use this next season to try to improve.  I never really cared about "improving" my running but I don't want it to feel hard while I'm doing. I need to get back into shape so running 3 miles seems effortless  (or as close to it as possible).  I figure there will be a day (hopefully not any time soon), that long distance running will be in my past and all I will only be able to run 5K's so I might as well keep up with!  

I'm continuing to be consistent with my three runs a week and that has been working out for me. No pictures this week as I must have deleted my running pics. I'll try to do better next week!   -M

Thank you to Wendy and Holly for letting us share our week with them. 

The Best Race Day Souvenirs

After you cross the finish line of a race, do you have anything you would consider a momento of the race?

I of course keep all my race bibs, t-shirts,  medals, and race day photographs. Whenever there is a big race expo, it's so tempting to want to buy jackets, headbands, glasses, magnets, and anything else that has a race logo on it.  Who wouldn't want a race souvenir?

 I've really slowed down with all those expo goodies over the years. However, there are a few souvenirs (not bought at the expo) that I think are pretty special and will always remind me of the race I've accomplished.

1. This is probably my favorite souvenir, my NYC snow globe.  I got this snow globe after completing the NYC Half Marathon last year.  It was the perfect representation of that snowy weekend.  When you wind it up it also plays New York, New York.

2. We were staying at Disney's Polynesian resort and I was running my first Glass Slipper Challenge  Half Marathon and 10K, (including the 5k).  Our Housekeeper (or Mousekeeper) would see me bringing ice back to my room every so often (to ice my knee due to ITBS).  I was even laying on the bed with ice on my knee a few times she came in. She knew I was in pain.  The morning after the half marathon, she had left this Mickey with a bandage on his leg (and a little note), in our room!  I thought it was incredibly sweet.  I  have this Mickey sitting in my dressing room below my medals (and I still have the bandage on his knee).

3. I actually did purchased this jacket at a Disney expo to commemorate my first marathon, but I had it embroidered to say "Walt Disney World Marathon 26.2 " afterwards.  I don't wear it often because I do not enjoy half zips (which all the jackets were that year). The following year I ended up buying a marathon full zip which I wear ALL the time, but this one just seems special since it was customized for me.

Please share something about a special about your own race souvenirs! -M

Summer Running...Goals!

There may be Halloween candy on the store shelves, but summer is not quite over yet!

  I do feel like summer it is the fastest season that goes by and I am not even a teacher ( or a student).  Since the topic is summer running goals left to check off it got me thinking did I even have any summer running goals?

In the beginning of the summer I did not set out to make any goals. With my new job and unpredictable schedule there was no way in committing to future races. However, my schedule didn’t become as hectic as I thought it would be and I was able to get off a few times for events I wanted to par take in. Luckily I was home for the 4th of July weekend and ran a 5k that I placed second in.  
My big race for the season has to be completing my first Tri. Now I can’t say a Triathlon was ever on my bucket list, but once my sister did it and enjoyed it, I felt FOMO so I needed to do it myself to see what it was all about.   

I thought for sure that I was done for the season since the only other race I had a desire to do next was Virginia Beach Rock n Roll. I had done this race the past six years so I came to peace with being ok not running it. I knew this was over Labor Day which meant a holiday and for sure I wouldn’t get that off. Well wouldn’t you know it, I did end up getting of that weekend.  So I couldn’t miss my running streak with it. The only thing is now I have to pay much more than I could have awhile back. Oh well, the price you pay I suppose. 

I am definitely looking forward to seeing friends and running the race down in Virginia Beach again this year. A great way to bring an end to the summer!  

Do you wait until the last minute to sign up for races just in case of the unknown and pay the higher fee or do you sign up early to get a great deal and if something comes up, you can at least feel good knowing that you didn’t pay too much?  -L

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Weekly Wrap...August 19

Another week of summer has gone by and I have one more week to enjoy before school officially starts!

To be honest not a whole lot went on this past week but I was able to come up with some highlights ( that I can remember anyway).

My Pappy and I on the Antique Cars.

Sunday my family took my Pappy to an amusement park to see a concert. We got there early enough to buy snacks and ride a few rides, but after that a major storm came through and the concert got cancelled.  Luckily  my dad and I were able to take him back on Thursday to  have dinner and see the concert so it all worked out.

Baylee at Vet

Baylee had her senior wellness check up on Wednesday. I HATE going to the vets because I can not handle bad news about my girl but the visit went well. I am so blessed!

I didn't think I've been getting the most out of my runs this summer, but I've been pretty consistent on getting miles in three days a week and well, that's good enough for me. My mileage has not been anything impressive as I've just been keeping a base of 3 miles or so.  I have a few 5K's coming up in the fall so I don't really have a reason to run more. I kind of wish I had a longer distance race on the calendar but I can't find any that are going to work with my  fall schedule (or logistics) right now.

                                                          And that's a wrap ! -M

                  Thank you to Holly and Wendy for letting us share out week!

Lewisburg Sprint Triathlon

This past weekend I did my first Triathlon. I never thought this would be on my bucket list, because I don’t like to bike and  I'm not a huge fan of swimming either. But earlier this summer when my Mom and sister did their first Triathlon I did feel like I was missing out. Once I knew I had off for this one I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. It didn’t hurt that I got a coupon code either.  I didn’t know my work schedule until a month prior, so that is basically how long I had to train. However, I do run all the time and I teach spin class, so I thought the only challenging part would be the swimming portion. Boy was I wrong! 

I swam about three times prior to the race and had only done a few leisurely strolls with my bike that surely didn’t break a sweat.  My bike isn’t even a race bike, but a mountain bike. My dad kept convincing me to ask my cousin to borrow her bike or he would go out and buy me one. Of course I refused because 1. Who’s to say I am ever going to do this again and 2. I don’t want to ride a bike that I am not comfortable on and practicing with. 

That morning I woke up to thunderstorms and an email that said they were keeping an eye on the weather. I thought for just a second I wouldn’t be mad if this canceled. I would have like to just roll over and go back to bed when that alarm went off.  After breakfast and loading up my mountain bike we were off.  We arrived in plenty of time to set up my bike.  People had their race bike up on a rack and towels underneath by their bike shoes. I thought well this is silly why not just utilize my kickstand? And that is just what I did. In the meantime this man noticed me from the gym and came over to chat. He asks Is this your first Tri? I responded yes. And this is the bike you’re using (as he points down to my mountain bike)? I said yes. His response: No kidding? You’ll be pedaling a lot. I just laughed it off and continued getting ready.  

I saw where I was on the list to start and I wasn’t until 26 mins after the hour so I sat at my transition spot near the pool before waiting in line for my spot.  

Once it was my turn I jumped in the pool and waited for her to count down.  The pool wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be, however, we started in the deep end which was a surprise to me when I first stepped down and couldn’t touch. 

Once I was off I did much better than I thought I would and even passed a few people. It was up and down the same lane before crossing underneath to get to the next lane.

 Once I finished I quickly made it to my towel to dry off and put my shoes and socks on. I got to my mountain bike and I was off.

 One thing I wish I would have done was put different shorts on. I was really slipping around on my seat from my wet shorts from the swim.  In the very beginning I was riding that thing like I stole it, but that quickly died down. 

There were many hills and I just kind of got bored riding out through the country side with no spectators nor nothing to see but farms. I made it about 5 miles and then I decided to get my Ipod out and eat some homemade beef jerky out of my pouch my dad made me for the race. Those 15 miles didn’t seem like they were ever going to end. A few people did pass me. They were probably thinking to themselves look at this lady riding a mountain bike, what is she thinking? But I did see a few people walk their bike up some hills, something that I did not have to do. I knew the time I lost during the bike portion, I would be able to make up running. Note to self: teaching spin class a few times a week is totally different than road biking! 

I couldn’t get off that bike quick enough. I was so ready for the run, well so I thought. As soon as I got off my bike my legs felt like jello. I didn’t think I was moving very fast but when I looked down at my watch I thought to myself I am not doing half bad considering what I have just done. The run portion of the course was pretty flat. I wish the bike portion would have been where the run was and vise versa. A part of the run was in the grass, and since it rained the whole night before and that morning, it was very swampy and my shoes and socks were completely wet. By this time, I didn’t even care and just wanted to be finished. I did end up passing a few more people on the run that passed me on the bike so I was happy about that. 

Not even sure what my finish time was but it was a PR since it was my first and I am happy with how it went. After the race I grabbed a slice of pizza and headed back home to relax the rest of the day.  Not sure if I can say I will do another one again or not, but it is definitely a possibility. Never say never right?   -L

Ever complete a challenge you never thought you would even attempt? 

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Running Gear I'm using

If you have been following me on here for a while you know that I usually don’t take my phone with me during my run. I admit I have even been running in unfamiliar places with no phone. I know it’s probably not the smartest thing and for safety reasons I probably should have it. I just hate carrying it. Plus, with the case I have on it makes it fairly heavy and rather bulky. I haven’t found any pouches that fit my phone comfortabley that doesn’t bother me. 

 Since I am often "on call"  for work,  I always need my phone on me. On days that I do not get called for work, I have plenty of time to run but I still need my phone on me just in case. After a month of carrying my phone during my runs I knew I wanted to find something to put it in. 

I was out doing some shopping the other day and I found this pouch. I was even debating on getting it since I have so many other ones that I don’t use. But really they all were for my old phone and I didn’t have one for my current phone. Also it was only $6.99. You can’t beat that price.

 Inside the pouch there is another pocket that you can slide your phone into so it doesn’t bounce around during your run. In addition, there is a touch screen on the back of it.   And if you want to listen to music from your phone, there is a little opening where the headphone cord comes out. 

I took it home and of course I needed to test it out right away. My phone fit perfectly in the pouch and it did not bounce around at all. The belt itself even fit me very well and did not slide around or ride up.  

You may have seen my post the other day of the strange things I saw on my run. Now that I have a place for my phone during my runs I will be taking it with me a lot more now. I wonder what I will see out on my run next time?   -L