New Rooms at Disney's Boardwalk Inn and so much more!

 Oh Boardwalk, you may just be my favorite resort!

I've been to the Boardwalk resort several times, but it has been many years since I've been a guest and stayed over night.

The last time I stayed here, the exterior was the same, but the rooms were quite different, and of course the "Clown Pool" was still here!

I actually quite liked the rooms back then. 

                       The print on the curtains are vintage postcards from the Boardwalk!

We just recently booked a room at the Boardwalk Inn again to see how they've changed.  Let's head to our new updated room!


The Hallways are beautiful and check out the Victorian silhouettes of the characters on the lamp shade!

Boardwalk Inn room 4302
Our room was 4302. I'm putting this here because I will want to remember this for next time!

How large are the new Boardwalk Inn rooms?
Upon entering, you have  this wall of closets, that actually lights up. Beside the closets is a little coffee area that has a Keurig. 

Disney's Boardwalk Inn resort

In the drawer below there are some coffee supplies such as K -cups, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, etc. 
The cupboard door below houses a cooler. ( I guess it is no longer called a mini fridge, but it basically is. There is no freezer box attached to it).

Directly across from the closest is the bathroom, with a large vanity area.  The large mirror and double sinks is a huge plus.  There is a set of outlets on each side of the vanity.

The toilet and shower/bath is in a separate room, but it too is large.

At this time, the Disney H2O products were still in the shower!

How large are the new updated rooms at Disney's Boardwalk Inn?

As I entered the rest of the room I was even more impressed. I loved the soft color pallet of this room and the style of the furnishings. 

  There is a large night stand in between the two beds and then each bed has its own bedside shelf on the wall.  There is a comfy chair next to the second bed, so potential the shelf could be used as a desk.
Between the nightstand and shelves, there are plenty of outlets and USBs!  There are actually extra outlets on the floor near the chair.
 Across from the beds is a dresser with 6 drawers and a flat screen TV. And even more outlets on top.

The beds were not only the prettiest beds I've seen at Disney, but they were comfortable as well. One afternoon I came back from the pool and cozied up in the bed for an afternoon rest. Be sure to look in that fabulous closet for a robe and slippers. If they are not in there, call guest services and they will bring them up to you! 

The back of this sofa pulls down to form a single bed. It was sort of like a daybed, but we did not use this.  The framed pictures of the characters above the sofa were a nice touch. 

Let's check out all the little details.

Boardwalk Inn room details, Vintage Mickey prints

These are the prints above the sofa.

These framed prints are beside the first bed. 

The silhouettes on the curtains are the same Victorian character images that are on the lamp shade in the hallway. 
Hidden or not so hidden Mickey's on the bolster pillow on the sofa.  I now want one of these for my home!

hidden mickey in furniture decor
There is even a Mickey head on this adorable chair.

The star of this room is the balcony.

Boardwalk Inn room 4302
I believe this balcony is twice the size of most other standard rooms here at the Boardwalk Inn. I always love having a balcony, but this one was just fabulous!  Now you know why I wanted to remember which room number this was!  We did have an Epcot view and would have been able to see the fireworks had we been in our room at that time. 

I also believe this is the largest "standard" room on Disney property that I've stayed in ( or maybe it just appeared that way). Not only is the size impressive, but I loved all the Disney details that sometimes Deluxe resorts lack.  This room was classy, yet very "Disney-ish". 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

The Boardwalk resort consist of hotel rooms on one side of the resort, villas on the other side, and then cottages in the back.

There are 3 swimming pools at the Boardwalk. The main pool with the slide ( formally the "clown pool") is called Luna Park. There is actually a pool bar at this main pool called Leaping Horse Libations, that you can buy food and beverages. It's a great place for lunch.

Disney's Boardwalk resort

 The afternoon I went to the pool, it was very crowded so I opted to go to the "quiet pool" just outside by my room.  I had the entire pool to myself for a while.

Disney's Boardwalk resort

The reason Boardwalk Resort was not a favorite of mine in the past was because of the lack of food options right on site. Yes, I know there are many options out on the boardwalk area and neighboring resorts that are with in walking distance. Food options are an important part of any resort and I like having some options right outside my room.

For this particular stay, the lack of  food service did not bother me as much. I think it didn't bother me because as an Annual Passholder, I knew I could just walk over to Epcot anytime I wanted to and enjoy something over there. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

Inside the resort, there is a quick service coffee shop, Carousel Coffee, that sells baked goods, breakfast items, and a few packaged salads and sandwiches. This coffee shop closes around lunch time though. I came up from the pool one afternoon with the intentions of getting an iced coffee, and it was closed. For a quick lunch at the resort, I would suggest the pool bar. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

Also inside the Boardwalk Inn is the Belle Vue Lounge.  This is right off  the lobby but keep in mind it only sells beverages, not snacks.

Outside of the resort is the Boardwalk Deli. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

There are lots of baked goods here as well as premade salads and sandwiches.  If you purchase the refillable resort mug, you can refill it here. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

 I ate a sandwich here one afternoon and found it to be suitable. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

The main gift shop is called Screen Doors, and you can also get quick snacks and desserts here.

Disney's Boardwalk resort, Fairytales and Fitness Disney Blog

My favorite part of the Boardwalk Resort ( besides the beautiful rooms) is the location!  I mentioned before how the Boardwalk location and around Crescent Lake is my favorite. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

 It is walkable to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, mini golf. By staying at a resort in this location you expand you opportunities for dining, shopping, and recreation at all the other resorts in this area. Other resorts on Crescent Lake include Disney's Yacht Club, Disney's Beach Club, and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. The new Disney World Swan Reserve is also just a short walk away. 

                                       Disney's Boardwalk resort

The Boardwalk resort is also a short walk to the skyliner station that will take you to even more Disney resorts. 

If you do not want to walk to the nearby parks, you can opt to take a boat. 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

This resort is a Disney Vacation Club resort, so there are always activities available. While we were there some cast members were offering a session in tie dying t-shirts on the lawn, there was also create your own mosaic, and bike rentals ( all at an additional cost). 

Disney's Boardwalk resort

Upon checking in, be sure to check the recreation calendar for all the events going on, including campfires, movies, an wellness activities.  Sometimes resorts will have family fun runs or walks around the resort.   

Boardwalk Inn at Disney
An addition to all the other activities, there is a full fitness center on site called Muscles and Bustles. 
We'll write more about this in a future post! 

As you may remember, we are on a mission to stay at every Disney Resort at Walt Disney World. We've been getting sidetracked on this mission lately because we've been staying at some resorts multiple times and still not staying at others.  We do have a new to us resorts booked for our next two visits, so we will be well on our way to completing our list!  Please keep checking back!

What is your favorite or least favorite feature of  Disney's Boardwalk Inn and Villas?  -M

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