What will define your year?

You may remember last year at this time I was in a really sad place. I was taking care of my Baylee girl as her health just got worse and worse ( yet I had hope). 

April Runfessions

I'm stepping into the Runfessional this week with my friend Marcia (Marciashealthyslice.com).

The first thing I must Runfess is that

What I've been watching

Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely watch TV.  I'd rather be reading, writing, running, chasing dogs, or creating something. However with a little more time on my hands then usual, I've decided to check out some shows on Disney Plus!

Can you believe we've had Disney Plus since December and I've never once turned it on till last weekend? Yea, me neither!

Has your running been effected?

Most of us are finding a few extra hours on our hands now that our social life and any other obligations outside of the home have come to a halt.  I am still working from home and on most days I put in more hours at home than I would at work but I am still finding some free time to get in some runs.

Running has just felt weird lately. 

The Time I Reported on Tigers!

One of the best things about being a journalist is being sent on assignments. This allows me to experience things I would otherwise probably not do. For example did you see my IG story earlier this year on the Polar Bear Plunge?  There is no way I would ever jump into icy water in February, but I was happy to report on everyone else doing it!

Exotic cat rescue

One of the best assignments I've been sent on was reporting on an  exotic animal refuge in Central Pennsylvania. Since the movie The Tiger King is gaining so much popularity these days, I thought perhaps this might be of interest.