January Runfessions...or something like that


Since we are still trying to make running a part of our lives, I thought I would visit the "Runfessional" with Marcia and our other running pals! 

Organize This Year

 Organize This Year is such an ironic title since this year already started out so chaotic, am I right?

Although I am quite frustrated with what is going on with our nation, I know the only thing that I CAN control is my little corner of the world, and that is what I am focusing on.

Who came up with 10,000 steps?

 Raise your hand if you've ever done the Runner's World Run Streak ( or any run streak) from Thanksgiving till New Years?  

I've participated in that run streak the last few years, and although the "requirements" are to only run one mile every day, the most challenging part was to remember to log it. If I remember correctly, if you submitted your miles, you were entered into a prize drawing or something.