Friday, January 8, 2021

Who came up with 10,000 steps?

 Raise your hand if you've ever done the Runner's World Run Streak ( or any run streak) from Thanksgiving till New Years?  

I've participated in that run streak the last few years, and although the "requirements" are to only run one mile every day, the most challenging part was to remember to log it. If I remember correctly, if you submitted your miles, you were entered into a prize drawing or something. 


I know there were always a day or two that I forgot to log my mile, and somedays it was getting late ( and dark), so I would have to squeeze in my mile downstairs on the treadmill.  Needless to say, I never won any prizes!  Like I said, even though the challenge was to only run a mile each day, it felt burdensome to have to remember to do it, and to get dressed in running gear ( whether I was running outside or inside) to just run that mile. Now I know you are thinking "Well Meranda, you could always run MORE than a mile".  Yes, I know but I rarely did, As you know, running takes time and between Thanksgiving and New Years, time seems to be more limited. 

So with that being said, a friend and I decided instead of doing the "run streak", we would do a Fitbit Step challenge. Our challenge of course was to reach 10,000 steps per day.  seems easy enough! 

However, I'd like to know who ever came up with 10,000 steps as "The Goal"?  I have to say that it really is more of a challenge for me to reach those 10,000 steps each day than it would have been for me to just run that mile!  Of course on days that I would run or go for a long walk it was easier to achieve, but on a normal work day or stay at home day, it was quite a challenge.  

During those last weeks of work before Christmas break, the students were learning remotely from home, so between "classes" and at lunch, I would walk laps around my classroom and usually by the end of the  work day I was over halfway to my goal.  When I haven't been working now, I've been walking A LOT of laps around the downstairs of my house.  Sometimes, I look forward to just me, listening to music on my Google home, walking laps around my house. It's sort of peaceful. It's sort of funny when one of the dogs starts to follow me. 

I know the 10,000 steps is SUPPOSE to be a challenge but I'm not sure if it is one I want to continue through winter. Maybe I'll pick it back up in the summer when it is more attainable ( cus I'll be outside a LOT more). So I was thinking that instead, I will do the 5K a day challenge.  I've calculated it out and the 3.1 miles equates to 7,000 steps.  I know it's only 3,000 less, but I think it will be more manageable and still give me something to strive for from New Year's till Spring! 

Do you keep track of your steps? Is it easy for you to get 10,000 steps a day?  Do you want to do the 5K a day challenge with me?  -M

                                                     Have a great weekend! 


  1. I did the 10K challenge for a month one time & man... it was exhausted. Just because some days, its not not convenient .. & I was like you - walking up & down my hall way & around my house. While I find it may be good for the body to get in steps, mentally, it wasn't that fun. I'm with you - I've actually heard 7500 is a good number because it is a 5k ... I think its different for everyone - what your average is. Like for Ricky, 10K a day would be about 10K LESS than he normally gets in a day? Me? I'd have to go out & walk when I dont have time. the point - just move every day :)

  2. Yeah, 10k steps a day just doesn't sound like much fun. Back when I first got a fitbit I felt like I "had" to get 10k. Easy enough on days when I run and walk the dog, but it ended up being counterproductive on my rest days.

  3. I've never kept track of my steps. Honestly, I 've often thought about it because I move around so much in the school between being a vice-principal and a PreK teacher. Also, walking the dogs and running, but I actually have no idea how much 10 000 steps truly is. I would be curious to see what it would take to reach that goal. Good for you! I did do the a minimum of a mile in December with our local group and have been doing it for years. I love it! Somedays all I have is the bare minimum but lots of days I am around 5km. The group changed slightly and continued into the New Year and we are doing a minimum of 30 minutes a day which is so nice to switch it up from running to just consciously being active for 30 minutes each day. I don't think I could do 5k everyday. I am curious to see how that unfolds for you.

  4. For me, I'm not a big fan of streaks or daily steps counts because the second I miss a day, I'm like ... oh well, streak broken, I give up. Plus, when I was part of a steps challenge group, I got a little nutty with it. ;) Setting a five times a week goal is more realistic for me because they offer some wiggle room! I'll give 5k a day a shot! :)

  5. Now that I work from home all the time I don't walk as much- I used to walk to and from the bus, around downtown at lunch, and to meetings. So- I decided to get out for a walk every day with my dog! I'm not making it be a certain distance or hitting a step goal, but just forcing myself to get outside has been great so far. Plus, my dog loves it!

  6. My goal since the Pandemic and until it ends to to get outside everyday. No step goal. Last year I did sign up for 2 mile challenges but found it a pain to log in everyday to post my miles (which included a walk or a run or a hike, etc.)

    Now I have a 1000 mile goal for running and walking? Somedays it is a .5 mile, some days a lot more...


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