Christmas Decor Home Tour

Happy week of Christmas! All my gifts are bought and wrapped, my house is decorated, and I am ready, I just wish I had one more week to just soak it all in! Since we will not be posting a blog post for our normal Friday post, I thought I would make a post today sharing some of my favorite Christmas decor around my house.  

We actually have 5 Christmas trees up inside our house and two small lighted ones outside on our porch.  I'll show you some of our inside trees and the decorations that go along with them. These still pictures really don't do the decorations justice, nor can you get a "feel" for the rooms, so I may try to do some videos and post them on IG stories!

This is our largest Christmas tree and the one we put out gifts under.  Instead of sticking to one color theme this year, I used a combination of pink, blues, purple, white, and silver. This is the first time I ever put colored lights on it too. 

This is the fireplace mantel in the this same room where the big tree is. The rest of the year, this room has sort of a "coastal" theme to it and is decorated in hues of blue and teal. I thought I would keep it "Coastal Christmasy" on the mantel.  I just love how this garland lights up.  There is a light up wreath on the mirror, but obviously mirrors are hard to photograph! 

This little tree is my "Labrador Tree".  This is where all my favorite Labrador ornaments are hung ( sorry Willow the Golden).  I just love this little tree and the room that it is in. All my decor in this room has yellow labs on it.

Scott recently bought me this canvas print of yellow labs that lights up! I have this hanging in this room too.

I love this little shelf in this room. I have this up year round with the Labrador painting and the Love sign, but for Christmas I added the garland, the tree and the two Christmas signs.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign!

 Another Labrador piece, "The chill of winter is warmed by a close friend" sign.  


In this same room, I have a variety of Christmas decorations on my TV stand  but I'll just share a few of my favorites. You can tell from the above picture that this is the cozy room where I watch all my Hallmark movies!  This Lantern is my favorite. It was a gift last year. If you look real close, you can see there are two Yellow labs in the red truck!

I guess I really like Yellow labs in red trucks. I found this sign last year and new it would be perfect with my decor.

One of my favorite pieces in my kitchen are these Luminara battery operated Candles. I love these things and they make my kitchen look so cozy when they are the only light that is on.

Can you believe I found this rug at the Dollar General store?  I was not looking for a rug nor did I need one, but It's a yellow lab and a red truck, so of course I had to pick it up!

You know I like the light up garland and the battery operated candles so of course I had to add them to my tablescape in the dining room!

I feel like I have SO much more to share but this post is getting pretty picture heavy ( and it is time consuming taking and uploading all these photos), so I really should do a video instead. Watch for one later this week!  I will leave you with one more picture of our little Steeler's tree!

This is downstairs in our Steeler's room. The stair rail  leading to this room is wrapped in garland that has the cutest little football lights that glow!  Depending on how the Steeler's play, this tree is usually the last to come down. We often like to keep it up through the play offs, which could be in late January!

We hope you have the Merriest Christmas and remember, Christmas is what you make of it. The reason we celebrate is not because of the gifts, the decorations, the food, or the parties. The reason we celebrate is the same today, yesterday, and forever!

See you next week!



  1. I didnt realize you had so many trees. I love it all!!!
    & of course you have a Labrador tree - so sweet!!!!
    I totally forgot I had some battery candles & DARN IT... I want to find them now. Give me all teh little glows around the house!
    Everything looks so festive & beautiful. If you have to stay home this Christmas, at least you have a cozy holiday space to just relax in.

    1. We have another tree upstairs in our middle window but it only has lights on it, not decorations
      And, yes, the more of those battery operated candles, the better. I keep mine out all winter long it does give such a cozy glow!

  2. Thanks for the tour. Your house is beautiful.

    I have lots of snowman (kinda obsessed with them) all over. They stay until spring (or until I get tired of them). Otherwise, it's the Chanukah menorah and a small fake tree and a very small real tree. I used to do more when the kids lived at home and will again if I have grandkids.

    1. I have acquired a snowman collection from my grandmother and mother in law and I keep them up longer than my Christmas decor too!

  3. Wow! Your home is festive and magical! We're rather bare bones here as we usually go away for the holidays!

    1. As you can tell, I love to decorate! I'm thinking of getting more decor for the other holidays

  4. Wow. So much love & work involved in all that decorating! It's really lovely, though. The decorating gene mostly just passed me by, but my mom still decorates for holidays in her apartment!

  5. Your house looks so festive and beautiful ;-) I have a main tree (that the gifts go under) and a "smaller" tree in our family room. We also have a dead ficus tree, that I painted black, (I call it my Charlie Brown tree) that gets ornaments every year as well. I didn't do as much decorating this year, and it was kind of nice to have let that obligation go. I can't leave my tree skirts out, though, because I don't trust Max LOL He sees a tree and thinks they're his for marking...

  6. I am so impressed with your holiday decor! We have one tree inside and one outside. I have a Christmas village that I set up on the mantle and some other things I put out. Not too much, tho. I get sad taking it all down. LOL

  7. Wow! I am so impressed. I love that everything has thought and theme and sentiment to you. How long does it take you to decorate? And can you come and help at my house 🙂 I am also a big fan of the battery operated candles, as well as real one for the cozy smell. I am so impressed girl, I hope the season brings you much joy.

  8. Of course, I am obsessed with your coastal themed mantle! I love everything about it. The colors speak to me ❤️

  9. Beautiful decorations! So festive! How cute are your pups! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy 2021!


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