Gifts for the active dog owner


My gift guide last week proved to be successful and I had a few people text me to tell me they bought something off my guide or that I gave them some great ideas!  That gift guide was of course gifts that I wanted to GIVE.  This gift guide will be about gifts I'd like to receive and maybe you'll find something you like too, or get a good idea for a dog momma in your life.

Holiday Gifts they'll want more of...Gift Guide

 We apologize for not having a post up last week, but hopefully you enjoy this one and it makes up for it! 

At some point in your life, the people you need to buy holiday gifts for get to an age where they really don't "need" anything and just giving stuff to give "stuff" is pointless. I've felt this away for a while now and that is why I am so particular on what I give. I really like to concentrate my gift giving efforts on giving experiences like a spa day, concert and theater tickets, a fishing license ( for my husband) and other outings. I've done this for some people on my list for several years but to be honest, there aren't a lot of "experiences" going on right now. Heck, some of the gifts that I gave last year, still have not been "experienced"  thanks to COVID.  Although my husband DID get to use his fishing license, so that will be another gift I will give again!

So this year, I'll try to focus on consumables, and practical things things I know people will love.