Basin White at Disney for an Interactive Experience and Personalized Souvenirs.

 If you only ever visit the beautiful and expansive lobby of  Disney's  Grand Floridian Resort, you might actually miss one of our favorite little shops, Basin White.  Basin White, or often just called Basin's is a shop that sells soaps and bath products.  

You can make your visit somewhat "interactive" if you wish and you can pick up some pretty inexpensive and practical souvenirs.  What I like most about Basin White is not only all the amazing scents, but you can basically "build your own" products/souvenirs.

Here is a peek at some of the items you would find at Basin White at the Grand Floridian.

The large bath bombs were $5.99 or 3 for $15, medium bombs were $5.49 or 3 for $14 or you could fill a bath bomb barrel for $24.99. 

Some were the typical round bath bombs and some were shaped like hearts.  Some had the standard "B" for Basins engraved on them and some had other designs.

 I heard the ones with Mickey heads on them released dissolvable Mickey confetti once the bomb was soaked in water!

Some of the scents that were available when we visited were:  Sleep, Plumeria, Apple a Day, Love Letter, Coconut Oil, Pink Sugar, Pineapple Papaya, and many more!

I see during the holidays they have "seasonal" scents too.

If the larger bath bombs seem a bit pricey, the mini bombs might be a better deal at only $6.99 for an entire tube. This  may be one of the cheapest souvenirs you buy yourself or it would make a great customized gift for someone back home! 

These are the plastic tubes and lids used for the mini bath bombs. You can fit about 5 or 6 mini bombs.  The same tubes are also used for the bath salts.

Some of the scents for the minis when we were there were Lavender, Toffee ( yum), Bergamot ( which is a citrus-y scent), Grapefruit and Mandarin, Strawberries and Cream, Watermelon, Cherry, and several more. 

We even got to test out some of the product too!

To my surprise, at the time of our visit ( during Summer of 2021) we were allowed to test some of the Scrubs and Sugar Souffles.  They had the wooden sticks for us to use to get the souffle out of the container and put on our hands.

What a great hand washing station!  This product was so light and fluffy and smelled amazing.

My favorite souffle was the one called Fruity Sugar Souffle. Can you guess what cereal this was suppose to smell like? And it sure did smell like those colorful loops!  The Sugar Souffles were $19.99 each.

We were also able to test some of the Sugar Scrubs.  These not only exfoliate our hands but left them silky smooth, and smelling yummy! 

Lacey's favorite Sugar Scrub was the Almond Shea Scrub and I would agree!  Sugar Scrubs were $35 each or 2 jars for $60.  As much as we enjoyed the sugar scrub, it isn't exactly something we would buy on vacation.  However, we could see ourselves buying the cute Mickey Glycerin Soaps!

There were about a dozen different scents and designs to choose from . Most of them had some sort of Mickey head design on them but not all of them did. A few of them had summer or vacation designs on them, like these sea turtles below. 

These soaps make a great gift for only $5.99.  Again, another cheap souvenir that is practical! 

We were having way too much fun in a bath shop while at Disney! While most people are out at the parks, eating at restaurants, or just exploring, we are in here smelling soap! 


As we went to leave the shop, we noticed the display set up with supplies to make your own candle! 

The jars weren't anything special, just regular glass jars. I did however like the fact that this again was a inexpensive yet practical souvenir that you could customize. If you didn't like the jar as is, I could see creating your own label or sticker for it. Perhaps use a photo from your Disney trip. 

There were about 10 different colors/scents of Paraffin wax you could use to fill your jar.  Candles were $14.99 each or 2 for $24.99. 

That concluded our time at Basin White.  There is actually a large Basin White located in Disney Springs that has even more product.  We prefer shopping at this one here because the customer service is great, it's rarely busy, and it just makes us feel a little "grand". 

Do you ever take the time to look or shop at any of the boutique shops at the resorts?
What products are your favorite?
Which product would you like to try?

See ya real soon! ~ M


  1. Wow, that looks very cool! I swear, they don't leave anything out at WDW!

    1. I always use to wonder why people would go on vacation and buy soap, but now I get


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