The New Year & Some Favorite Holiday Disney Items


Yay, we made it through the first week of the New Year!  I hope you all had a nice Holiday season. We had a really nice Christmas with family and are ready to be back on the blog with more Disney and Lifestyle content for 2022! Today I will start putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations but before I do, I wanted to share some of the Disney Holiday merchandise I've acquired this season.

 Most of these items came from the Disney Parks, unless otherwise noted.

I received this adorable Mickey shaped ornament, but wait, there is bubble bath inside!  When that liquid is empty, you can fill it up with something else, or hang the empty container on the tree. I love it!

                Speaking of ornaments, I adore these mouse ear ornaments I was gifted. 

I’m debating if I should pack them away with the rest of the Christmas ornaments or leave them out to be able to hang somewhere else since they aren’t completely “Christmassy”.

I’m also loving this holiday re-usable tote from the parks. I'm all about practical gifts! It folds up neatly as a little clutch when not in use, and then expands to a full size tote bag.  ( I also got that adorable Minnie holiday blanket this season. I got it from CVS of all places!)

                       The festive colors and design of this bag make me so happy!

This item is not necessarily a holiday item but I did get it for Christmas. My sister ordered this from Charmed Aroma. It is one of those candles that has a piece of jewelry inside. I love the Mickey shaped container, so I of course would love this candle even if there were no jewelry inside, but finding a cute Mickey shaped ring ( even if it is only fashion jewelry) makes it that much more fun.

            I can see using this container for many other things even after the candle is gone. 

On the box is shows that you can get one of several different ring designs. I'm not sure if the one pictured on the outside of this box is the one inside or if it is just used as a sample of what's inside. On the other side of the box there are 8 different ring designs pictures.  I guess I'll be surprised either way! 

I actually bought this Loungefly bag for myself before the holidays. I know it's something that I'll only use a few weeks out of the year but I think it's super cute. Since it has a wintery scene on it, I think I can use it through January,  right?  Of course after Christmas it is now on clearance. You should pick one or two up for yourself. 


And lastly, I love these ears! They are not just “fancy” but they light up! Yes, they even come with a charging adapter.  I can not wait to wear them to the parks next time for one the 50the anniversary celebrations.


Thank you to my sister Lacey for all these fun Disney gifts this season. She is one of the best shoppers!  If you are like me, and like looking at Disney merchandise, you should follow @candydisney_ on Instagram.  No, her account is not about candy! She shares Disney merchandise she finds outside of the parks! 

See you next weekend!   ~M





  1. I love every single thing!
    That loungefly bag is adorable!!!I love the winter scenes on it! & Chip & Dale - you dont see them often

  2. So. Many. Cute. Things!!! I can’t pick a favorite!


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