What Really Happens if you DNS a Disney Race...

  My last race ( before the world shut down) was the Hershey Half Marathon in October of 2019. That was the race that got me motivated to run again after a devastating loss that summer. I was looking forward to doing more races in 2020, but we all know that if we didn't run races in January or February of that year, than a race didn't happen.

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That's why I was so excited to sign up for one of the Disney Wine and Dine races when Run Disney returned in November of 2021!

I admit I hadn't trained much, but I was just going to use it as a fun run! I was just excited to be able to run at Disney again and have a great vacation with friends. 

Fairytales and Fitnes

The theme was villains, and I had bought this sparkle skirt and visor and was going to create some sort of outfit to go with the theme. 

Fairytales and Fitness
My cuddle crew.

Fast forward to October/first week of November, I was violently ill.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to run the race but I had hope that I would at least feel well enough to make it to Disney.  I loved the Villain medal and was hoping to at least make it to the expo and pick up my race shirt.  Well, when that point came, I knew I wasn't well enough to even travel.  This meant cancelling airfare, cancelling park tickets, and contacting Run Disney to see what my options were.  I knew there was a no refund policy, so I asked if I could have my race shirt and medal mailed to me so I could do the race virtually when I felt better.  I thought that was a reasonable request since I did pay already. I didn't even think about asking for a refund because I knew that wasn't going to happen. 

Photo from Run Disney IG

Well, I will say Run Disney was very sympathetic to my situation but they denied my request to have my race shirt and medal sent to me. I was a bit bummed ( I really wanted that medal..lol).   However, they offered me something that I never thought they would.  They offered me a Disney gift card in the amount of the race registration ( minus any fees)! 

 I was shocked. Yes, I will take that!  I really wanted the race swag, but I guess maybe I don't really deserve swag from a race I didn't show up for?    So I guess that worked out. I will definitely be putting that gift card to good use.  What Run Disney did for me definitely made a disappointing situation a little better!  Now please keep in mind that every situation is different and you may be offered something else. 

Have you ever DNS a race?  The only ever time I've DNS was the Big Sur Marathon.

If you have DNS a race, did you get a refund or compensated in some way?  -M


  1. I have DNS'd races--interestingly, one half marathon I've DNS'd 3 times. I decided that maybe I need not ever sign up for that one again. I haven't DNS'd many, because it's hard to walk away from paying that entry fee!

    1. Haha, Yes. Maybe you just weren't meant to run that particular race!

  2. I DNS’d a 10k a few weeks after my IT band blew up during a half. It was a local race so I went and cheered on my cousin and her husband who did do the race. I didn’t pick up my swag at all since I knew I wouldn’t use it

  3. I think I have DNS'd a few races, but the only one I can remember was a half marathon. It was scheduled for the weekend prior to an overnight 12-hour ultra, and I was having some weird hamstring issues. Obviously, the ultra was more of a priority. I went along with my friend, Barb, though and cheered her on while giving my body a rest. The ultra, the following weekend, went well. Passing on the one race, in exchange for a strong race later, was well worth giving up the registration fee. That's great Disney was so generous!

  4. It's sad that you couldn't participate in the race but it's nice that Disney is giving you a gift card. Your cuddle crew is so adorable!

  5. What a shame you could not run that race but what can you do. The Disney people were very gracious to give you a gift card. I DNS'd the Philadelphia Marathon due to injury and I runfess I gave someone else my bib so at least it did not go to waste.

  6. What a disappointment. I am so sorry. I think we've all had our share of ups and downs with COVID and disappointments. Do you have any races scheduled for this year? I am honestly hesitant to schedule anything, we recently had to cancel a trip and I just can't do another let down. I would absolutely love to run in Disney. That would be such fun. I am glad that they gave you a gift card because it's money back in their business and a happy customer. Have a great week ahead.

    Bo from bosbodaciousblog.blogspot.ca

  7. Oh, i'm glad you got something out of it & it wasn't a total loss.
    Bless your heart - I know its so frustrating when you cant run a race you're so looking forward to - at least you're ahead of the game for the next one with your costume :)


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