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Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

If you are looking for something to do outside of the Disney Parks, let us suggest the Skyliner Scavenger Hunt.  This hunt is most convenient if you are staying at one of the Disney resorts that has access to the skyliner. Those resorts would be Riviera, Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, Pop Century, Yacht and Beach Club, and Boardwalk.

Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

The scavenger hunt is free to participate in. We picked up our map at the front desk at Caribbean Beach resort, but you should be able to pick one up at any of the resorts mentioned above.  This hunt takes you to all of the skyliner resorts, so make sure you have enough time to dedicate to this activity. It will take a while. We started the hunt at 12:05 pm ( not the best time to start as it was very hot) and by 5:00 pm we were still at it. We did take time for a quick service lunch at one of the resorts and also stopped for a gelato. We did have fun exploring the other resorts that we've never been too, which is the whole idea for the scavenger hunt.

Before you get started, make sure you have a pen!

There were 4 questions or "hunts" you had to find at each resort. We started at Riviera first. I won't give away the answers, but here were our four clues.

1. In the Lobby, which friends can be found playing at the beach?

2. How many Donald Duck footprints can you spot in the painting?

Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

3. Take a stroll to Le Petite Cafe. What classic Disney film shares a cafe by the same name?

4. Head over to S'il Vous Play.  What classic movie inspired this fountain?

When we finished up at Riviera, we hopped on the skyliner to take it to the Art of Animation and Pop Century skyliner hub. I wish we would have read ahead to the clues and paid more attention on the skyliner because we ended up having to back track later on for another clue.

We got off the skyliner and headed to Art of Animation first. Neither of us had ever been to AOA so it was nice to have a reason to get to see the resort because other than that, it's not some place we would have a reason to visit.  

Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

Not to get into a resort review here, but my sister and I both agreed that we had no desire to stay at this resort. The larger than life objects and themed buildings were cute for little kids, but it lacked any lush landscaping and just didn't seem very serene. I honestly felt like I was in the desert because of the lack of shade and trees here. But then again, I probably would have felt like that anywhere because it was that hot out.  Okay, back to the hunt.

Our clues at AOA where:

1. Hey dude, swim over to the EAC and name the character who teaches proper exiting techniques.  Take a photo with him.

Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

2. Turn on your left turn signal and drive over to Radiator Springs. But oh no, you're out of gas! How much will a gallon cost you to keep driving through Carburetor County?

3. Shrink down to Sebastian size and go take a picture with your favorite thing-a ma-bob. Write what it is.

4. Are you brave enough to venture into the elephant graveyard? If you are, take a picture with all three hyenas. Can you name them all?

We were not familiar with this resort and I will admit we did get a little help here! We then made our way to the nice gift shop here where Lacey bought a hat ( since it was so hot and sunny).

We were able to easily walk over to Pop Century for the next hunt.  We were here years and years ago, like when it first opened, so seeing this all again was like it was new to us!

Here were our clues:

1. Catch some waves in the 70's section. How many palm trees can you count on Goofy's shorts?

2. Take a photo of the plaid bowling shoes whose size relates to the amount of palm trees that are found on surfer Goofy! Bonus: How many balls are on the rack?

3. When you see Mickey talking on an old rotary phone, you'll know you're on track.  What's the weight limit on the Big Wheel?

4. Score! Which team is winning at the table soccer game?

Now by this time we were exhausted and just ready to be done. 

We took the skyliner back to Riviera and had lunch and a gelato at Primo Piatto. This was enough time for us to relax in the air condition and make a plan for the second half of the scavenger hunt.  

We got back on the skyliner, this time taking it to the Epcot station.  From here, we walked to the Boardwalk Inn. Along the way, we saw a wedding happening at Sea Breeze Point!

Here were our clues for the Boardwalk Resort:

1. Head to the lobby and find the Disney character that is practically perfect in every way. Name her hiding place!

2. What is the name of the carousel in the lobby resort?

Disney Skyliner scavenger hunt #Skylinerrally

3. Pose for a picture with the sunflower children. Do you know their names?

4. How many American flags are featured on the roller coaster in the lobby?

We walked over the Yacht and Beach Club for what we thought were our final clues.

1. Sebastian sang about the seaweed always being greener.  Now it's time for you to find the greener building at Disney's Beach Club Villas! What princess do you see?

2. Go inside the Beach Club Villas building and look for "The Breezeway".  How many birds are in this room?

3. What is the name of the boat that is shipwrecked on the shores of  Crescent Lake?

4. What is the name of the restaurant that uses a "whole can of whipped cream?"

After getting all these clues, we thought we were done. It was now 4:30 pm.

 We were so tired that we took the friendship boat across Crescent Lake to the International Gateway where we could get back on the Skyliner to go back to the Riviera station.  Along the way, I realized that we did not do the hunt at Caribbean Beach Resort! By the time we got off  the skyliner it was after 5:00pm. We decided we were calling it quits for the evening and we would pick back up with it in the morning. 

The next morning, we did the clues for Caribbean Beach.

1. How many different Islands make up the resort? Can you name them all?

2. Which character has their very own restaurant at this resort?

3. Travel to Martinique beach and locate the kind of bird you will find there. 

4. How many lights are hanging on the chandeliers in the Skyliner station? ( this is the one we had to back track for).

Finally by 8:30 am we finished the scavenger hunt. We had our little booklet filled out with all our answers and had the pictures we were suppose to take.  We took these to the front desk to show them we had finished and guess what? They didn't even look at our map, our answers, or our pictures! They just took our word for it that we finished. 

As our finishers prize, they left us pick a prize from the treasure box! Now of course these were all little trinkets that small kids would like but since we took all that time to finish it, we picked something. We ended up getting a little plastic turtle that spits water. We thought perhaps the dogs would have fun with it in the pool!

So that's our story about how we did the Skyliner Rally Scavenger Hunt! 

 I like exploring other resorts, so this was a good way to do it and get those steps in and it was a fun little adventure for my sister and I. I could see it being a bit more fun if you had more people in your family doing it and you could break into teams. Sort of make it like The Amazing Race and see which team finishes first, or who found the most clues by a certain time. 

On the other hand, there are a ton of other things to do on a non-park day that would be just as satisfying, if not more!

Check out these posts for a few more suggestions on how to spend a non-park day at Disney. The culinary tour was free but there was a charge for the other activities, 

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What other ways have you spent a non-park day on Disney property?  -M


  1. we didnt get a prize. not even a coloring page. 😡

    1. Oh that stinks. Which resort lobby did you finish up at?


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