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During our most recent stay at Wilderness Lodge, we took some time to visit Fort Wilderness.  The direct boats from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness campground were not running at this time so we took a direct bus.  Fort Wilderness is a huge resort. Please see this post for transportation information on where you should get picked up and dropped off. 

Fishing is actually offered at many of the resorts at Disney. So far we've experienced it at Port Orleans Riverside and Fort Wilderness.  You can read about Fishing at Disney's Port Orleans HERE.

At Fort Wilderness we decided to take our chance at fishing after having spent the afternoon renting canoes.  You can read about our canoe adventure and how to rent canoes HERE.

You will rent your fishing gear at the Bike Barn ( this is wear you would rent boats and other recreational equipment). 

recreation at Disney Fort Wilderness

A casting rod is $10 per 30 minutes or $16 for the entire day.  If you are staying at Fort Wilderness, it obviously makes more sense to come down in the morning and rent your rod so you can fish throughout the day. Maybe you know a time of day where fishing is better than another.  We were fishing smack dab in the middle of the afternoon, probably not the best idea!

Of course you will need some bait, and that will cost you between $5-$6. 

The dock you will fish at is directly across the water from the Bike Barn ( you will cross a small bridge to get there).  Just behind the dock is the Meadows gift shop. Here you can grab a bite to eat. My sister and I shared an ice cream while we waited for our turn to fish.

There are picnic tables outside of the Meadows gift shop and a table on the fishing dock so you could even pack a lunch if you wanted to. 

We had three people fishing that day, my dad, my sister, and myself.  Unfortunately none of us caught anything. We got a few bites, but either those fish were quick or we were too slow reeling them in. 

Our dad showing the big "Zero" fish we caught today!

Have you ever gone fishing on vacation? ~ M & L

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  1. My husband/dad/friends have done fishing excursions at Disney on many occasions! They’ve met at the boat docks outside of several different resorts and Fish different lakes there. One time, when Captain even took them into World showcase lagoon before the park opened! He loves it!

    1. This is Karen, by the way! Not sure why it’s leaving me as anonymous! 🙂


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