Coffee Talk - Something new

Hi Friends,
I thought I would link up with the ladies for Coffee Talk this week because I have something on my mind.

I mentioned at one point in the past that I was thinking about changing my username on IG. When you have a blog, and are pretty active on social, this isn't something you take lightly. (I mean it's no first world problem, but it is something that requires thought), and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

This whole thought process started well over a year ago. I felt I've outgrown @Fairytalesnfit and wanted a name I could use personally, professionally and with the blog ( because I did not want to create multiple accounts). I wanted to create a name that was part my own name yet still kept the integrity of our blog name.   An ideal name would have been @Merandasfairytale or @FairytaleMeranda.  However, the experts (whoever they are), suggest keeping all social media handles the same and since Twitter does not allow for more that 15 characters in their handle, both of those names were out.  I then resorted to just using my initials @MSfairytales (or a variation of @ms.fairytale or @msfairytale but if one of those names was available on Insta, it was not available on Twitter and vice versa.  This process became overwhelming so I just decided to forget about it for a little while longer.

Over this time I've realized that the thing that was making it so hard, was coming up with a name that would still be recognizable with my blog, and that meant keeping either the word "Fairytale" or the word "Fit".  Since the word Fairytale is already 9 letters, I decided there was not any part of my name that I could add to it that would make sense ( and I would feel comfortable using).  I've eliminated the word "Fit"  because  I did not want that to be the main focus of my accounts.  ( there is actually more to this story why I did not want to keep the word fit and it involves me getting multiple DM's each week about joining groups and I'll just leave it at that).

It took me a while to realize this, but I can still "Be myself" and still have a social media presence with my blog, lots of people do it.  The blog is something I do, not who I am.  I am more than a blogger and I think my social media accounts reflect that.  I struggled with the fact that my new user name may not be "exciting" or "intriguing" or "interesting enough to make people want to click and check it out, but that is the risk I am willing to take.

So I've decided (if I can actually pull the trigger) to retire @Fairytalesnfit at the end of the month and just use a variation of my own name. I'm not going to state exactly what it will be at this moment because that will depend on what is available on both Twitter and IG at the exact moment I make the change. I already know that I can not use my first and last name because it is already taken, so it more than likely will be a variation of my first name.

So now I think, What will happen to @fairytalesnfit?  Will anything linked to that automatically be linked to my new name?   Can I (or anyone else) use @fairytalesnfit again or is that name now blocked?
What do you think? Am I making a mistake?  Have you ever thought of changing one of your names that have already been established? Do you think it matters that your social media names are all the same?  What suggestions do you have for me? -M

Deluxe Cheeseburger Pie

Memorial day is the quintessential day for cook outs!  With some social distancing orders being a bit relaxed now, will you be having a cook out with friends or family?   If so, hamburgers or cheeseburgers might be on your list of things to grill.  If you are not into grilling or perhaps you are looking for a dish to bring to a picnic, the Deluxe Cheeseburger pie might be perfect!

This starts off as your basic "Hamburg pie" recipe that you can get off the back of the Bisquick box, but kicked up a notch!

1. Start off by frying your ground beef.

In a separate pan ( those awesome Copper Chef Pans I love), I also sauteed some mushrooms and onions  (This is part of what makes it "Deluxe").

In a pie dish ( that you sprayed with non stick spray) place your ground beef and  pour your Bisquick mixture over. Bisquick mixture is 1/2 cup Bisquick, 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs.

I'm using my glass LocknLock pie dish with lid  and these are awesome! I noticed that they are on clearance right now at QVC for  ONLY $14.98 and you get TWO of them!  They come in this pumpkin color ( what I have) or blue.

Go ahead and add the sauteed mushrooms and onions. I also sliced up tomatoes and dill pickles.  Add whatever type of shredded cheeses  you want to the top.  Bake on middle rack at 400 for about 25 minutes!   Enjoy!

What will you be cooking this weekend?  -M

The History of Disney Races

Many of you may know that this week is registration week for The Disney Marathon.  I can't even begin to think about what this summer will be like let alone prepare myself to sign up for a race that isn't even taking place until 2021, so I will not be registering for any of those races.

However, as we are all wondering what the future of racing will look like,

Low Fat Cooking - Pork Chop Casserole

I recently got a new set of pots and pans (quarantine time has forced me to clean out my cupboards so out with the old and in with the new).  Actually I've had this pan from Copper Chef for quite some time but just recently started using it...I LOVE IT! So it inspired me to buy an entire set! 

Copper Chef Pans QVC

Since I got the set,