Egg-cellent way to make eggs?

I like making hard boil eggs, however if I make half a dozen probably only half of them turn out.  And by turn out I mean

Gourmet Hula Pizza

Thought I would share a recipe for today's post.  This was a much loved recipe from my Nutrition
Class.  The Original source of the recipe was

Cigna #Runtogether Meet-up

This past weekend I was invited to a blogger meet up hosted by Cigna. It was an opportunity to connect with other running and healthy living bloggers during Disney's Marathon Weekend! 

 My sister and I

Do you want better Eye Health?

Last summer I shared with you how I was running on the trail and it was so humid that my contact fell out of my eye. Luckily my eye doctor was located along that same trail, so I was able to walk about the two miles to the office (with the contact cupped securely in my hand) and wash out and re-insert my lens.

What I did not tell you was that about 2 weeks prior to that,

The Year of Nothing

In the early months of 2018, I proclaimed that year was going to be the year of "nothing".

I said it was going to be the year of Nothing because I had no big races planned, no big vacations planned, and really I didn't have any big events I was looking forward too.

However, some of the