Wicked 10K Race

virginia beach

Over Halloween weekend we decided to do the Wicked races by J and A Racing. My mom and sister drove down for a visit. This time they brought two Labradors with them. Since it was off season at the beach, we thought it would be fun for the dogs to go in the ocean and run in the sand. The day after the Wicked 10K the local SPCA was sponsoring a Pup Cake 5K run in which the dogs would be participating in. Looks like everyone was going to get a chance to run this weekend!  

Unfortunately, right before we left for the expo on Friday, we got notification that the Pup Cake 5k run on Sunday was going to be cancelled. They said the weather report looked bad. Something about a storm called hurricane Sandy was suppose to make an appearance! So I guess the four legged creatures would not be running this weekend after all.  They would have to get their running done out on the beach later this afternoon. So we do finally make it to the Race expo inside the VA Beach convention center to pick up our race packets and goodie bag.  Since this is considered a smaller race, the expo was not nearly as large as the ones at Disney or the Rock n-Roll that we attended last month. You could probably look at everything you needed to in about 20 minutes.   We finished up at the expo and then headed to the beach with our dogs.
Our Labradors love the beach.

The Wicked 10k is a J&A series race. J&A puts on many local runs in Virginia Beach including the Surfin Santa, Crawlin Crab, Virginia is for Lovers 14K, and Shamrock Marathon.  This one especially, was a fun run. People dress up in costumes since it's over Halloween weekend. You can even win prizes for great costumes. People even ran as teams in costumes. This one was one of our favorites:

Running costumes
Can you see one of our dogs in the background?
I woke up in the morning and it was a bit chilly and windy. I wore my compression capri pants and my Wicked 10k shirt, with another long sleeve tech shirt on underneath. Walking to the Convention Center, I thought I should have switched my capri pants out for long pants. During the race, I'm glad I had my capris on, and should've gone with only one of the long sleeve shirts. It got much warmer throughout the day, even though it stayed pretty windy.

dog costume
Even though it was just a fun run, I still wanted to do well. I didn't want to go all out in a costume. I decided to play it safe and just wear black, put whiskers on my face, ears on my head, make a tail for my backside and go as a cat. Sounds simple enough, but like I said earlier, this was the weekend of Hurricane Sandy, so it was very windy, and I had to run pretty much the whole way holding my ears. I also was going through an injury at this time, so I wasn't sure how this race was going to go, since I hadn't gone that far in awhile.  Since it was Halloween and people were dressed up, we decided we would dress our Labradors up as well. They were matching clowns and they got tons of attention from runners and spectators alike.  The dogs, along with my mom and sister waited for me at the start and then walked to the finish line to watch me end.  This race started at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. We ran down 19th street to Atlantic Ave towards Rudee Inlet and then down the boardwalk to 10th street, back on Atlantic Ave to 40th street, then up the Boardwalk to the Finish line at 23rd street. As I crossed, I could see the dogs waiting patiently for me in their costumes!  They were so well behaved. The race went well and I ended up finishing in 49 mins.  

virginia beach
That's me, right in front of the bumble bee!

race costume
My sister made me this great sign.
After the 10K was over, my sister joined me for another fun run called The Monster Mile! This race started on 21st street, down Atlantic ave to 27th street then up the boardwalk to the finish line on 20th street. Usually this race has a fun after party at the beach with bands. But due to the weather we had to enjoy the festivities inside the convention center. The race was sponsored by Blue Moon and Bakers Crust. Everyone one that participated in either of the races got a free Blue Moon and some chili in a bread bowl.  It was a good after race snack (our dogs thought so too)!

J and A Races

This was the start of the Monster Mile. The finish line was on the boardwalk. It was the same finish line as the 10K.

                                             Here are the medals we received:
J and A race medal
This is the Wicked 10K medal for 2012.

This is the Monster Mile medal for 2012.
Here is a picture of the sign for my Pupcake run that we never got to do!
Pupcake 5K
Belle was really looking forward to her race.

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Rock -n- Roll Series Virginia Beach 2012

Virginia beach

I was very excited to run this race, since a lot of my friends from my running group (Hampton Road Runners) were doing it as well. This would be the first race I would be doing that I could consider myself a local. Last year I was unable to do it because I was moving the same weekend, so this time there was nothing in my way that was going to keep me from doing this race. Another reason that I wanted to do this race was because I've heard nothing but great things about the Rock and Roll Series. My mom and sister were meeting me here for the weekend to partake in the concert series and of course watch me run the race.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2012 : Half Marathon Race Day

Princess half marathon

Yesterday we had to get up early for the 5k and this day we had to get up by 3:30 am again. This was my sister first Disney Half marathon. I think I was just as excited as she was even though I was only going to be a spectator. I grabbed my “designer” sign that I made for my sister  Lacey and we all headed for the “event” bus at our resort. I have since learned to make signs that are much easier to pack and transport.

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: Royal Family 5K Race

Princess 5k

In 2012 we were back in Disney for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend Again.  This time we brought our dad with us to run the Royal Family 5K and my sister was prepared to run the Half Marathon.  Since I knew this was a weekend dedicated primarily to woman, I called Run Disney several weeks before the race to see what color the 5K t-shirts would be.  I was hoping for my dad’s sake that they wouldn’t be pink or some other girly color.  I found out that they were going to be white. I also found out

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2011: Where it all began!

Our love for running started with the Disney Princess weekend of races at the Walt Disney World resort in Florida.  We say Disney’s Princess Half Marathon Weekend is where it all began!
This is probably our favorite group of races. 1) because we love Disney of course and 2)because it was the first race we ran as a family.  Here is how our love of Disney races began.

Princess half marathon weekend