Fall day 5k


Tis the season for fall running.  The same weekend I ran the Friday night 5k, I ran another 5k Sunday afternoon.

Lewisburg Lights 5K -A night time race

 My second 5K of the season was the Lewisburg Lights 5K.  

Lewisburg Lights 5k Race

This was a bit different than the 5K I ran the previous week since it was held at 7pm.

Where to find Disney's 50th Anniversary Characters before they are gone


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Maybe you've noticed over the last year or so that certain Disney Characters  have had a wardrobe upgrade  for the 50th Anniversary.  If you are going to be visiting any of the Disney parks ( or resorts) before the 50th anniversary ends ( March 31, 2023), than you'll want to get a photo of the characters in these fabulously shimmery outfits. 

So where can you find these characters? 

Harvest Festival 5K

 Fall racing has begun here!  I didn't have any plans this fall to do anything big, but I did end up doing several local races which I enjoyed.

Harvest Festival 5K race Milton, Falcon  timing Racing, Fall 5k

Get these Disney Photo Lenses ( Perfect for Spooky Season)

 We have been loving the Disney photo lenses lately. 

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The photo lenses are available to anyone who purchases Genie Plus. 

I actually forgot that these lenses were included in the Genie Plus purchase until the end of my first park day so I didn't get to take advantage of them much.  However, even after your Genie Plus day expires ( we only had Genie Plus for our Magic Kingdom day), we still got to take advantage of the Disney Photo lenses on the app for up to 45 days afterwards.  This worked out great because we visited the parks a few more times during that 45 day period. Even though we no longer had access to the Genie Plus, we could still use the photo lenses.