Harvest Festival 5K

 Fall racing has begun here!  I didn't have any plans this fall to do anything big, but I did end up doing several local races which I enjoyed.

Harvest Festival 5K race Milton, Falcon  timing Racing, Fall 5k

Our local races started off with the annual Harvest Festival 5K in September. I always look forward to this race. It is very close to home and parking is always a breeze. I arrived only a half hour before the start of the race. When I walked in to get my bib they said here you go Lacey. I love when it's that simple. They even had restrooms to use without much waiting ( I love the perks of a small race)!

Milton Harvest Festival 5k race, Falcon timing, run 570, Fall 5k

This race was fairly small with just over 100 participants. The weather was beautiful with a late start at 9:30am. It is a very fast flat course so I was hoping to at least place in my age group.

 I started out super fast like I always do. There was one lady that had passed me about a quarter mile down the road, and I knew there was no way I was going to catch up to her. I told myself to try not to let anyone else pass me. I was doing pretty good at that until about half way through the race. I was still keeping a good pace but I was struggling at this time to maintain it. 

There was a lady that started to run beside me. I didn't even turn my head to look at her so I had no idea if she was in my age group or not. We continued to push each other throughout the race. 

About that time I had passed some family members that were cheering me on that gave me a little boost I needed at that time to pull ahead. But then, of course she came up beside me again. I told myself to just stay with her and then try to pull ahead at the end if I had anything left in the tank.

 We were rounding that last stretch of road and I could see the finish line. Normally this would be when I would take off, but I just had nothing left. She passed me and probably finished 10 seconds before me.

After we crossed the finish line, we congratulated each other and she told me that I really pushed her. I said well you definitely did the same. Then I ask her how old are you. She says I'm 16. What???? I pushed myself that much and she wasn't even in my age group. Heck, now I don't feel so bad about not being able to pass her. I can keep up with a 16 year old so that was a good feeling. After the race I was walking towards my family and I overheard her dad telling her great job, it wasn't you're fastest but you kept up with Lacey. 

I ended up receiving 2nd in my age group. It was a 9 year age group award(30-39).

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I guess I can't hang with the 30 year olds anymore, but I can still feel good racing with a 16 year old:)  -L

P.S  Our blog text is all the same size and font, I'm not sure why it is looking all different sizes once we publish. Anyone know why this is happening? 

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  1. I do love to run local races. I have one this weekend and one next.

    I do the same thing... try to beat a runner and then find out she's in the different age group.

    But I often have a hard time keeping up with the 60 somethings... lol

    1. That seems to always be how it goes. But you never know until you ask them at the end...ha.

  2. I would say you can hang with the teenagers AND the 30 year olds. 2nd in your age group is great! Last time I raced I was pacing myself off a little kid at the end, ha ha... and she beat me. But it's always fun!

    1. Yes, it's always the younger kids that you think man they are really moving for as young as they are, I can't let them beat me...lol.

  3. LOL on running with the 16 year olds. I bet if it was a longer race you would have over taken her. Nice job out there!

  4. Local races are the best. It's definitely tough to keep up with the young whippersnappers! I think you can be very proud of your 2nd place AG! Congratulations!

  5. Well done hanging with the teenagers! LOL! What an awesome race and I love that you both pushed each other - when you have nothing left for a sprint finish, it really shows you really gave it your all on that track which is how it should be!

    PS: About the blog size, maybe double check that it's not saving as a "heading".


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