Fall day 5k


Tis the season for fall running.  The same weekend I ran the Friday night 5k, I ran another 5k Sunday afternoon.
 I was even debating running this because the weather wasn't ideal. It was much cooler and was raining on and off during the day. Luckily this race was not even a mile from my house so I was able to make a last minute decision. My church was volunteering for this race called "Getting Ahead of Poverty" so it was nice to see all their support and donate to a good cause. 

I arrived 20 minutes before the race to register. At this time it was not raining so I was hoping that it was going to hold off. 

 Soon enough we were all lined up and ready to start. This was a very small race. I was in the lead and keeping an eye out for the volunteers to make sure I was going the right way. It was easier to know the directions during this race than the night time one the night before.   For one, it was daylight out and two, I ran this trail many times so I was very familiar.

 Some of the trail was gravel and the outer loop was dirt. By the time I reached the outer loop it was raining and I could hear it on the leaves of the trees. But because of my portable porch aka hat and being under the trees, I did not get wet at all. The only challenge was watching my footing because there were some slick spots between the grass, dirt, and tree roots in the woods. I was still running by myself. I did not turn around at all this time, like I did in my previous race. I was just hoping that the volunteers were going to be on the other side to direct me when I got there. While I was running out of the outer loop it was no longer raining so I was happy about that. I thought I would have had to run one more inner loop but I was directed towards the finish line.

   Running happily across the finish line, I finished first overall. 

It was a small race but I even got a medal.

I know this wasn't my usual fall racing schedule, but I enjoyed running a few smaller races closer to home. I'm not signed up for any more races, although I may do a Turkey Trot, but that is a big maybe as the rest of my fall is filling up with other events. 

Any more fall races for you? Are you planning on running a Turkey Trot?   -L

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  1. That's great. Fall is the perfect time for racing.

  2. WooHoo! Congrats on the WIN! Cheers to running 2 5ks in one weekend! Amazing!

  3. Nice first place finish!! Very impressive after running the other one, well done!

  4. Wow! Congratulations on first place! Nice that the rain let up too.

    There’s a race I’m eying in December if I can sort out the scheduling.

  5. So fun! Congratulations! I will be running a Turkey Trot in Georgia!


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