Get these Disney Photo Lenses ( Perfect for Spooky Season)

 We have been loving the Disney photo lenses lately. 

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The photo lenses are available to anyone who purchases Genie Plus. 

I actually forgot that these lenses were included in the Genie Plus purchase until the end of my first park day so I didn't get to take advantage of them much.  However, even after your Genie Plus day expires ( we only had Genie Plus for our Magic Kingdom day), we still got to take advantage of the Disney Photo lenses on the app for up to 45 days afterwards.  This worked out great because we visited the parks a few more times during that 45 day period. Even though we no longer had access to the Genie Plus, we could still use the photo lenses. 

Once you are in the Genie app, go to the three lines at the bottom right of the screen.  This opens up a new page.

 look for the box labeled Disney Photo Pass Lenses ( you can take a look at this for free just to see what is available).  Once you click on the box, you will have to agree to terms of service and give the app access to your camera, yada yada yada. 

After that, you can scroll through all the different lenses available. The last time I checked, there were 30 lenses available. 

Some of the lenses you can use anywhere.  I was able to use these lenses to make cute photos with my dogs Sybie and Willow.

Some of the lenses have several picture options inside them. For instance, if you hold in the camera button long enough, you will see different objects/props appear in your picture. 

 For example, in the Tinkerbell lens, it rotates through the different fairies and different colors of wings.  In the Villain lens, it rotates between the different villains. 

We got a new villain each time we opened the app. 

The Villain ones were my favorite to use on the dogs. 

 Using them on the dogs was rather tricky ( because I assume the app can detect human eyes and features). 

When used on humans, we often got more details in the backgrounds.

When I used this Moana lens on myself, I got a necklace and some other accessories but when I used it on Sybie she did not get a necklace but got a hidden Hei Hei in the leaves!

Some of the lenses you can only use on Disney property. We were able to use these inside or outside the parks and at the resorts ( but not at home).

The Minnie and Mickey lenses were ones that you could only use on Disney property.

The following lenses were used on Disney property but they were also able to be used at home as well with in that 45 day period.

If you hold down the button long enough on the Mickey bar lens, it shows bites taken out of the bar and chocolate on your face!

My dad was a good sport and tried the Genie lens!

The Genie lens is by far the weirdest one!

If you hold down the button long enough on the pretzel lens it puts fake mustard on your face.

Try doing video with the Mickey balloon lens, it's cute!

You can use video with the lenses too.  There are several other lenses that you can use from home, like a Buzz Lightyear one and some 50th anniversary frames. 

Some of the lenses you could ONLY use at certain parks.  For instance, the 25th anniversary castle lens only works at Magic Kingdom ( although I could not get it to work, so no cake castle pic for me).

These were some of the lenses that we were able to use only in Epcot.

This was in the Living Seas at Epcot but I believe it also works at Animal Kingdom too.

This was in the France Pavilion at Epcot but should work anywhere in Epcot. 

There was also a Cosmic Rewind lens that can be used only in Epcot

We didn't use the lenses at Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, but here are samples of the lenses available for those parks.

These are some samples the of lenses that are available only at Animal Kingdom.  These pictures are the sample ones from the Photo Lens app.

These are some sample of the lenses that can be used only in Hollywood Studios. 

I have noticed that the Disney photo lenses vary by season. Most of the ones we've used over the summer are still available now, with the addition of a Haunted Mansion lens and a Hocus Pocus lens which makes sense for fall, and some Coco and Encanto lenses.

At the time of purchase, Genie Plus was $15 per day and the Photo lenses were free with that purchase. Disney Photo Lenses are not associate with Disney Photo Pass services. As soon as you take a photo with your Disney Photo lens, your pictures will automatically be in a folder on your phone. 

Let us know if you ever used this feature!  -M

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