San Angel Inn in Epcot

 We rarely make advanced dining reservations for days we are inside the parks, but this time with all the new precautions Disney was taking with dining, we wanted to make sure we got to eat somewhere we had never dined before.

Why We Love Disney's Swan and Dolphin Resort


We LOVE Disney's Swan and Dolphin resort!  I first stayed here way back when the Tower of Terror 10 Miler was still a thing!  The race started and ended at Hollywood Studios at night, and I knew I wanted to be in one of the Epcot/Boardwalk area resorts but because I didn't book early enough, they were all taken. That is when I looked into the Swan and Dolphin resorts and fell in love!

What you think you know about mobile ordering at Disney

 As you may know, Mobile ordering in the Disney Parks has become the thing to do now. I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this system.  Planning out ahead of time where, what, and when we wanted to eat seemed a little over whelming (on top of everything else we have to plan out at Disney) Planning a sit down dinning reservation for a certain place and time is one thing, but knowing when and where we wanted a quick service meal or snack was another. Afterall, we wouldn't know where we would be at in the parks at a certain time or what we would even be hungry for.

July in Review

 If it weren't for the fact that I want to be consistent and have a review for each month this year, I probably wouldn't even write one this month!  I think July was the most blah month this summer and usually it is so full of picnics, boating, races, parades, fireworks and all that fourth of July fun!  BUT I do want to be consistent and document what went down.

I just feel as if I haven't accomplished much this summer. Last summer in the peak of Covid, I feel like my sister and I did so much more. We went on so many hikes, we boated, and just made our own fun ( probably because we had to).  This year, we've done none of that. 

Patriotic Ice Cream cake dessert that I made.

Here is how I spent my July....