July in Review

 If it weren't for the fact that I want to be consistent and have a review for each month this year, I probably wouldn't even write one this month!  I think July was the most blah month this summer and usually it is so full of picnics, boating, races, parades, fireworks and all that fourth of July fun!  BUT I do want to be consistent and document what went down.

I just feel as if I haven't accomplished much this summer. Last summer in the peak of Covid, I feel like my sister and I did so much more. We went on so many hikes, we boated, and just made our own fun ( probably because we had to).  This year, we've done none of that. 

Patriotic Ice Cream cake dessert that I made.

Here is how I spent my July....

We visited my parents and had a 4th of July picnic at their house and played a few rounds of ball on my dad's "Field of Dreams".

Although the banging was non stop where I live, I didn't see a whole lot of fireworks. We could see random ones from our back deck here and there but it was mostly just banging!  I did get to go to one "official" fireworks display and that was a nice way to end the fourth!

I did not run the local fourth of July 5K race that I have run in the past, nor did my sister.  The Veteran's parade that I normally drive my Pappy in did not happen, so we missed going to that too.

We went to two birthday parties and a baby shower!

The most accomplished thing I did was take two bags of stuff to the Thrift store! I also took a brand new pair of Ann Klein shoes to a resale boutique and they bought them from me. I hope to take more dress clothes there in the future! 

I SIGNED UP FOR A RACE!  Yup, I signed up for a Disney race in November! 

I have not been running consistently this summer but I have been walking. I've even been exceeding my 10,000 step per day goal! 

3 Miles on what may have been the hottest day of the summer! 

I'm thinking of signing up for  local 5K here in September so thought I would start running the race route. Of course I had to start my training on a day it was 90  some degrees!  We'll see how this goes! 

And of course I did get three books read this summer, and finishing books always make me feel accomplished. 

I will admit that I pick my books based on either the title or the cover, or recommendations from friends. I never read the inside cover because I feel like I can figure out what is going to happen sooner than I would like. 

"The Last Flight" was recommended to me by my sister.  I actually downloaded this one from Audible and I could NOT stop listening to it. It was so intriguing with all the plot twists!

I chose "Big Summer" only because it had the word Summer in the title. I knew nothing about this book. Turns out it was a hoot! Not that it was suppose to be funny, but if you've ever rolled your eyes at anyone on social media that refers to themselves as an "Influencer"  you'll like this book.  It did take a plot twist though and the ending was unexpected.

Again, I chose "That Summer" because of the title, and smiled when there was a reference to a character I previously read about in "Big Summer".  I liked that the author made that connection, but this book was totally NOT a sequel. She just made a reference that the two characters were once neighbors ( because both stories are set on the coast).  

Without actually telling you what these books are about, I would say I highly recommend each of them for Summer reading!

And on July 30th, we closed out the month with a Cain concert! This was great but not without incident.  During the opening act, our alarm company had called our cell phone and told us that  someone had broken in our house and a window was broken in our den. Of course we raced home. When we got there, our alarm system was blaring and of course our dogs were scared.  It ended up being a false alarm.  It took us a while to clear things up but we did make it to the concert in time for the main event. 

And that wraps up July. I'm really hoping to make the best of August before summer comes to an end! 

I'll be linking up with Deborah and Coco for their Coffee Date! 


  1. That patriotic dessert looks festive! The real Field of Dreams is about 90 minutes form my house. We tried getting tickets for the big game (next week, White Sox vs. Yankees), but to no avail. Probably a good thing, those tix are mucho pricey!

  2. Ann Klein shoes for the win!!!
    RunDisney! BACK! That's awesome! I know that'll be fun.
    Your 4th dessert looks so yummy!!!

  3. I'm with you on this year...2021 has been way worse than 2020, IMHO. Maybe it's because we thought it was going to be more normal? Ok, bring on 2022!

  4. Well it sounds like you still did plenty! And that ice cream cake . . . I'm drooling (maybe because I'm getting ready for my first colonoscopy and I can't eat that -- yup, that's my world).

    Oh no on the false alarm! Your poor dogs! Those things are so loud, too. We don't have a security system here, but we did in Austin.

  5. Your ice cream dessert looks delicious!

    Oh no on the false alarm! We've gotten to the point that we don't set our alarm if Pablo is home alone for that very reason - too many false alarms. Of course, he's not here visiting and alone very often so it's not such a big deal.

  6. I feel like I did way more last summer too--I'm wondering if I'm just burnt out this year. I still need to compile my stuff to donate, so major props to you for actually getting that done -- I've been meaning to for ages!

    That ice cream dessert looks amazing!!

  7. I also loved the last flight-so good! Hey its not too late to do something fun this summer. Disney in November sounds amazing. Thanks for joining for coffee

  8. I feel sort of the same way about this summer. I think I thought I would or do so much more because we’re not locked down like we were last summer, but I haven’t — except the wedding. Thanks for the book reviews. I did read Bog Summer and liked it.

  9. How exciting about the Disney race! I would like to run Wine and Dine again because it rained and I was miserable the entire race when I did that race. Ha, I do roll my eyes at Influencers. I rarely believe anything they say and will not buy anything they recommend. However, I will believe those that link up here since I've "known" them for years.


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