San Angel Inn in Epcot

 We rarely make advanced dining reservations for days we are inside the parks, but this time with all the new precautions Disney was taking with dining, we wanted to make sure we got to eat somewhere we had never dined before.

Of course we have been in the pyramid in the Mexico pavilion in Epcot, but we have never eaten in the restaurant there.  We've always noticed it as we are waiting in line for the boat ride here.

Out of all the restaurants in Epcot, we were (unknowingly) smart enough to make a reservation here at this one. I say "smart enough" because at the time that I made the reservations, I had no idea that there was a  line to even get into the pyramid.  During this time, they were only letting a certain amount of people in the pyramid at one time.  I had heard that the wait to even get into the pyramid was up to 2 hours at one time.

Since we had a dining reservation, we were allowed to use the walkway to the side of the pyramid ( after showing our reservation on our phone), and we walked right in, no wait at all. 

We headed right to the San Angel Inn restaurant and made our way to the hostess stand where we were told it would just be a minute till we were seated. 

It is quite dark in this restaurant, but I suppose the dim light just adds to the ambiance. 
There are lanterns/candles on each table.  We would need those and the flash lights on our phone to read the menu!

We had a wonderful table right by the water so we could see the boats from the Gran Fiesta Boat Tour  ride go by.  

On the tables, was a QR code that we were suppose to scan to get a menu but we were having trouble. I think the wifi connection inside this building is sort of spoty so we asked for an actual menu and the server was happy to provide one for us. 

I ordered  the Sopa Azteca,  Which was a traditional tortilla soup served with fried corn tortilla strips, avocado, cheese, and  chile passile.  I looked at this menu prior to even making a reservation and I was really looking forward to this soup. I was naive enough to think that the soup  would be like a chicken tortilla soup I've had before  at Chiles or Ruby Tuesdays.  It obviously was   The ingredients were already in the bowl when the server brought it to me. She then had a little pitcher of "soup" that she poured over top.  To me, this soup tasted too much like tomato soup ( which I'm not a fan of). I ate it all but I wasn't impressed.

My sister ordered the Enchiladas de Pollo, which was corn tortillas filled with Chipotle Chicken, covered with Salsa Verde, Crema Mexicana,  Cotija Cheese, and crispy onion straws atop of refried beans and served with plantains.   She had already planned to share this with me since she  was getting such a large portion. 

                                        Of course we had to bring Flat Sybie to Mexico with us.

We also got a  complimentary basket of chips and salsa.  The salsa did have a bit of heat to it. Even though there were 2 of us, we noticed our basket of chips was much smaller than everyone else's.  We believe this was because between the two of us we only ordered one entree (my soup was considered an appetizer).  If we wanted more chips and salsa it was going to be $6.50.

Overall, I really liked this place. I loved the atmosphere and the fact that we got a seat by the water to watch the boat rides go by. I generally like Mexican food but did not care for my soup. However, I really enjoyed the Enchiladas we got and sharing a large entree like that just worked out.  We knew we didn't both want a heavy meal because we of course planned on eating our way around the festival booths later on.

After our lunch, we of course made our way to get in line for the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride. This ride is always a favorite when visiting Epcot! 

We did make our way back to the pyramid later that evening to go to La Cava del Tequila so Lacey could could get their Avocado Margarita called "La Cava Avocado".  Although we did not have to wait in line to get back into the pyramid, there was quite a line at the La Cava del Tequila lounge inside.  Apparently it was worth waiting in line for though because Lacey really enjoyed her drink.

If you've ever been to any of the restaurants or lounges inside the Mexico pavilion, let us know what you ordered and what you thought!  -M

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  1. I love that avocado Margarita!! Mexican is one of my favorites countries in Epcot. I’ll definitely have to try the restaurant one of these days. The enchiladas look and sound amazing 🤩


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