August Review

 For once, I'm not going to start this monthly review with , "wow that went fast", or "I can't believe August has come to an end", cus to be honest, I think August was just the right amount of time. 

I wasn't overly thrilled with how my July went (nothing bad, but nothing really exciting either), so I was determined to fit in a lot of stuff in August.  I had no big plans in August either but just enjoyed those "small moments".

We finally got our boat dock and our boat in the water and were looking forward to boating as many days as we could. We went out a few times and then had to take it out because of the Tropical Storms that threatened to flood the docks.  We didn't even have it in a month...Boo to a short, short boating season.  We still have the boat at our house ( we didn't put it back in storage yet, so perhaps we will take it out to some other local lakes before fall). 

I've been really please with my walking and running this month. I've done my 3 mile loop in town a few times and I've met my cousin on the rail trail a few time. This last time we did a walk/run and ended up doing the ENTIRE trail which is 18 miles! Wow, I was proud of us!  I ended up getting 45,000 steps! 

I really should have ran at least one race this summer, but to be honest, I didn't feel like racing.  I just wanted to run for the enjoyment of just running! And that's okay!  I have a fall race coming up and then maybe I'll find a winter one too. I'm totally okay with thinning out my race calendar and only doing one race per season. 

I enjoy biking just as much as running, although this is an activity that I have to depend on others because right now I have no way to transport my own bike.  Thankfully my dad enjoys biking too and we did a 10 mile ride on the trail this month. 

Last summer I took my nana on a little beach picnic and I think she really enjoyed that so this year my sister and I took her to a local park for a picnic. After lunch, we took a stroll and watched some ducks. This is exactly what enjoying those "small moments" are all about.

                                               Of course we brought Flat Sybie.

And towards the end of August my sister and I took a trip to Hershey and I bought WAY too many treats home with me. I'm actually starting back up at a gym this week ( I think this is a good decision...haha). 

And that was a wrap on August!   Did you have any "small moments"  that you enjoyed in August?

                                I'm joining Rebecca Jo for her One Sentence a Day.


  1. It really is the little things, isn't it? August was a great month for me as I recovered from my leg injury. I was able to do so much more and traveled to see Holly. I got to waterski there and in Wisconsin. It's been great to increase my activities and I am grateful to be able to enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. I feel like the past 18 months has been all about appreciating small moments, although we did have a weekend getaway in August. 18 miles is a long way —I bet you got to catch up with each other on everything!

  3. I agree, we really need to enjoy the small things. Each day is a gift and blessing.

  4. I love this - doing it a highlight way.
    It makes my heart so happy to see you doing things with your dad- what a blessing that is

  5. So hard to visit Hershey and not come home with all sorts of good stuff! My boys had a great time there. Sorry to hear that boating season was cut so short for you.

  6. Oh the smell of Hershey's Chocolate. We got to go camping several times in August so that was some enjoyable "small moments" for us. Karen


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