Harvest Festival 5K Race


We are back with another race recap! Last weekend I ran our local Harvest Festival 5k. I was happy to see that this race returned this year since it canceled last year. There are so many great things about local races. Small race size, easy parking, and a real restroom.  


The race started at 9:30 am and I didn't even get there until after 9. I received my bib, met up with my family, and still had a few minutes before the start.  


This is a fast, flat course and it is very easy to get caught up in all the excitement from the start and go out too fast. I made sure that was not going to happen. I felt like I started out pretty conservative and knew I had plenty left in the tank to push later. This one kid and I were pretty much running side by side throughout the whole race. I kept wondering how old this kid was because he was really moving. I passed a few other runners around the halfway point. I knew I would pass my family soon since they always stand at the same spot. I gave them a wave and continued on. This definitely gave me a pep in my step and I was able to pass a few more runners. 


I was still running neck and neck with this kid. I told myself there is no way that this kid is going to beat me so I stepped it into high gear for the last stretch of the race. I crossed the finish line and right after he followed. 


I congratulated him and asked, how old he was. He replied and said "Thanks, I'm 10!" I told him he gave me a run for my money today, great job! It's hard to believe that a 10 year was my competition. He definitely made me push myself.


Afterwards, we walked over to a local bakery to get a treat while we waited for the award ceremony. I chose an Oreo cupcake and it was delicious. A perfect post race treat. 


I received first place in my Age Group with a time of 22:04. This is always one of my favorite races and I was happy to see it return this year!


Do you have a favorite local race you look forward to running every year? -L


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  1. Awesome work! That cupcake looks incredible, too!

    I have a bunch of incredible races I love to run - it's like spending time with old friends.

  2. OMG that cupcake, right up my alley . . . sorry, couldn't help but drool over that. :)

    Hey, kids can be very speedy (obviously) -- glad he was there to push you. You did great!

    I had many races that were favorites but am not racing right now.

  3. It was delicious. I don't remember ever being that fast when I was a kid...ha!

  4. Congrats on your 1st place and the fast finishing time.
    The local races are the best. I live near Rome (Italy) but I prefer to participate in local races around my city: challenging routes with many uphill but scenic landscapes, swag with (also) local food, nice post race and the right places to spend some hours in total relax.
    Before the pandemic there were 2 interesting circuits: Run through Maremma and Run through Tuscia: all little towns in the country.
    I hope that next year we will be able to compete again there.

  5. Well done and congratulations! Great choice on that cupcake. Looks yummy! I like running the Shamrock Shuffle and the 4 on the 4th. Both were cancelled last year but the latter one did take place this year but I did not run it. Hopefully next year I can do both!

  6. Great job and awesome finish time! I’d feel guilty beating a kid, though LOL


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