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 The last time we ate at Hollywood and Vine, it was not a character meal. That tells you how long it has been! 

Hollywood and Vine  is a retro type diner located in Hollywood Studios. 

If you are dining there for lunch or dinner, you can catch Minnie's seasonal dinning soirees! 

From November 8- January 4th the theme will be the Holiday Dine, where Minnie and friends are in their best Christmas holiday attire.

January - March will be the Silver Screen Dine, where characters are in there best Hollywood attire.

 March - June is Springtime Dine and Summer Time Dine begins the end of June. 

Halloween Dine starts the middle of August and runs through the Fall season.

We were there this month for the Holiday Christmas Dine.

As soon as you enter, you have the opportunity to get a photo in front of the holiday back drop.  

Disney's Hollywood Studios buffet character meal

We thought at first this is where we would get photos of the characters, but we were wrong. The characters come around to your table like they do at other character dining locations. 

We were seated, the server took our drink order, and then we were able to help ourselves to the buffet.

Disney Tip: Skip the salad first. There were so many salad options that I loaded up on that I did not have room for the really good food.

menu at Buffet at Disney's Hollywood and Vine

As with any character meal, people come for the characters and the food is only okay.  I will tell you that at Hollywood and Vine, the food options were excellent and the food was tasty! 

As I moved from the salad fixings, to the main entrees, I was impressed with each pan I passed.  There were several soup options, chicken, beef, seafood and a variety of vegetables prepared different ways. 

However, I wasn't as impressed with the desserts. But to be fair, we were here at Christmas time and I was trying to cut back on my dessert intake. We were going to be eating a lot of sweet treats at festival of the Holidays at Epcot and at mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

By the time we got to the dessert bar, a lot of it was picked over but I did notice that a cast member was right behind us ready to refill the pans.  The options were Mississippi mud pie, cookies,  bread pudding, apple crisp, and mini cup cakes. 

Menu at Hollywood and Vine

As we were eating, the characters came around to interact. We passed on getting photos with the first ones because we wanted to enjoy our meal first. 

Character meals at Disney's Hollywood Studios

But when the characters started coming around again, the interactions were amazing. They didn't just stop and pose for pictures and then leave. They interacted and danced with us.  

Character outfits at Hollywood and Vine

Actually, every 20 minutes or so the characters would even dance around the diner.  We were surprised at how much time they spent with us, as adults with no kids. 

Who are the characters at Minnie's Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine

The characters you can expect to see here are Minnie, Mickey, Pluto, and Santa Goofy.

The holiday attire the characters are wearing at Hollywood and Vine is very similar to the outfits they wear at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

This is one of the more expensive character meals but they do offer an AP discount.

This was the main thing we had planned for Hollywood Studios on this day, so we took our time and really enjoyed the experience. 

Hollywood and Vine is also a character breakfast but the characters are from Disney Junior.

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Till next time ~ M &L

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