The reviews aren't true about Tony's Town Square Restaurant at Magic Kingdom

 Tony's Town Square Restaurant is probably my favorite restaurant in Magic Kingdom. I have no idea why I keep reading reviews about it being the worst restaurant.  We have eaten here several times. Each time, I've ordered something different, and each time I have been pleased.

The menu here is listed as Italian, American. The food here is definitely more traditional.
 I have had pasta here, salads ( the Caprese is my favorite), shrimp scampi, and at one time I even had a pot roast dish that was on the menu.

You can check out the full menu HERE.  This is definitely a family friendly restaurant. The food is not very adventurous ( maybe that's why I like it) and everyone should be able to find something they like, or something that is familiar to them. 

Lady and the Tramp restaurant

I really like Tony's Town Square Restaurant for the food, but I love it for it's location and ambiance.  It is indeed in the "Town Square".  As you enter the Magic Kingdom, it is on the right. Sometimes people are so eager to get down Main Street that I think they miss it. 

The theme here is "Lady and the Tramp".  There is a bronze statue as you walk into the lobby of the restaurant.  The statue pictured here is outside of the restaurant. 

This is one of the few table service restaurants that you can choose to sit either inside or outside. 

Inside seating

 Inside seating consists of both tables and booths, and tables in the "atrium" part of the restaurant. 


We usually sit inside , but on our last visit we chose to sit outside and that was such a good decision.

Outdoor patio seating at Disney's Magic Kingdom
 This is a picture of the outside seating at night, because I forgot to take one during the day while we were there.


 The outside seating is basically on the front patio of the restaurant facing Town Square/Main Street.

I didn't even realize what time it was when we sat down, but shortly after we did, the afternoon parade went by. 

We had such a good view of the parade. We weren't expecting dinner and a show! Seeing the  parade while we waited for our meal made this experience even more special. 

                                                       Here is what we ordered.

What's on the menu at Tony's

We started off with Focaccia bread with dipping oil.

Caprese Salad at Tony's
                                     For the appetizer, I had the Caprese salad. This looked a little different than I remembered it, but it was still great.

Shrimp Scampi at Tony's

For the entree, I had the shrimp scampi. This was served with toasted ciabatta, a side of pasta, and an Arugula salad. I thought the shrimp scampi was very delicious. 

Perhaps people are expecting" fine Italian dining"  when they come to Tony's ( which this is not).  However, I definitely don't think it deserves the poor reviews I so often see about this place. 

I know we had a great experience here.  We thought the food was tasty, the ambiance was great, and the servers were very friendly and attentive.   What more could you ask for? 

Would you give Tony's a try?  -M

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