We missed our monthly Coffee Talk last month, so thought I would do a Currently post to catch up with everyone!

October seemed to be a busy month, that must be why I missed posting.

Here is what we had going on.

Sybie turned 4!  I can't believe how fast time is going. Can she now stay 4 forever?

To celebrate her birthday, we let her be part of our Trunk or Treat crew at Church.  Our Theme was 101 Dalmations. I was Cruella and she was was of course a Dalmation. My husband and sister played along in costume too and it was such a fun night.  I was so proud of how well Sybie behaved. She certainly made a lot of people smile, which made us feel good! 


On Halloween, my sister and I took Sybie ( in her costume) to see some of our family members that we didn't see at trunk or Treat.

On Halloween Weekend Lacey ran the Monster Mash 5k and earned first place in her age group. You can read about that festive race HERE!

Lacey and Pappy sharing a dance! 

Later that day our family went to a wedding to celebrate the marriage of our cousin. That was really fun seeing all our family and dancing with our 90 year old Pappy! 

What I'm reading

Last year I was gifted a subscription to Woman's Day Magazine, I've been trying to keep up with each issue before the next one arrives, but it has been tough. I still have a few pages to read in the October issue before I open up the current one.

I have bee cheating on reading books lately.  I've wanted to listen to some audio books on my drive home from work, so I downloaded  Where do I begin by Elvis Duran.  I use to listen to his radio show when I traveled and liked his stories. This audio book kept me so entertained, that I wanted to listen to it even when I wasn't in the car. I got through it pretty quickly.   I enjoyed that book so much that I decided to download another of the same kind. This time it was an old one called "Intelligence for Your Life" by John Tesh. I bought the book about 12 years ago or so and always meant to read it, but never did. Now I have been listening to it every day on my drive home from work. 

What I'm watching

Well, I JUST finished the series "In The Dark"  I have never really binged a series before, but I was hooked on this one. The whole show is a train wreck that you just can't look away from.  I first started watching it because it was about a blind girl that had a Golden Retriever as a guide dog. It quickly turned into a murder mystery.  I got through all 4 seasons and I must say I was not satisfied with how it ended. I read that the show got cancelled so I guess there won't be anymore.

Last week our church put on the musical "The Sound of Music". My mom, Nana, and I went to go see that and it was fabulous. Makes me want to add more live theater to my life!

What I'm looking forward to

Decorating for the Holidays. I have some trim I want to paint in some of my rooms and then I hope to have the trees up before Thanksgiving!

Hallmark Movies. Tis the season!

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and Festival of the Holidays at Disney.

Lots of family time and local activities.

See you real soon!  ~ M


  1. When are you going to Disney for MVMCP? We will be there the week before Christmas. Can't wait! :)

    1. You are going to have so much fun! We are going in a few days.

  2. Oh heart...she is just the best girl, isn't she? I'm sure you enjoy her so much. Looks like you've been busy! I haven't gotten much into audiobooks. I wouldn't call you lazy for listening to them--it's a great way to enjoy a good read!

    1. YES, we have really been blessed with Sybie! Audio books are a good way to multi task!

  3. What are you doing to that poor dog??? Seek professional therapy!

  4. You look awesome as Cruella!!!!! What a fun costume.

    That pic of Lacy & Pappy... makes my heart swell... so precious. Love he's still dancing & you all get to dance right along with him!


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