Muncy Monster Dash

This past weekend I ran our local Halloween 5k race. This was the first time I ran this race. Years ago Meranda and my Mom ran this race and said they had fun!

I didn't preregister just in case the weather didn't cooperate. When I woke up the weather was already in the 60s so my original outfit of my velour Halloween pants were not going to work. I opted for the same outfit I wore at Disney the week before. 

We arrived at the race with plenty of time. Parking was easy as well signing up for the race. It looked like it was a well attended race. The weather definitely helped. 

The start was at 9:30. Usually at this time of year that would be a perfect time to start but we were having unseasonably warm weather that it was actually a little too warm at the start.

 The course was pretty uneventful with little spectators and no decorations along the way. I wouldn't say the course was hilly, however there were definitely a few inclines throughout the race. The course was all through housing developments.

 There were plenty of volunteers throughout the course that directed the runners which way to go. This was very helpful because anytime I run a small race there are some big gaps in between runners which can be confusing to know which way to go when the course isn't clearly marked. 

I was feeling really good throughout the race. There was no one that past me during the course, so I knew I would probably receive an age group award. Part of the course was an out and back down one of the streets so you got to see the runners in the front coming your way.

 While I was running I only saw one lady that was in front of me so I knew I was making great time. 

The only thing I didn't like about this course was at the end. After the 5k started the kids fun run followed shortly after that so we were finishing at the same time.  There was only one finish line arch, so we were running down the street at the same time the kids were running down the opposite street when we both had to turn towards the finish line. So it was a little challenging to continue to run while still being cautious with weaving around small children going the same direction.

After the race they were pretty quick with posting the results. I saw that I did get first in my age group. They said they were going to do the results shortly after. Usually we stick around for the awards ceremony, however, I needed to go to a birthday party and a wedding so I really couldn't stay much longer. They were kind enough to give me my gift bag so I could leave right away. I received gift cards to a local pub and a pizza place in our area. It was a fun morning and we couldn't ask for better weather for the race during this time of year. 

Did you run a Halloween Race this year? ~L


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