Best Photo Ops at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

 Sadly, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party is coming to a close.  The most favorite things about any after hours party are the unique photo ops, character meet and greets, shows, and snacks.

We thought we would put a post together of  "Not to be missed" photo ops at MNSSHP, so save this one if you plan to attend the party next year! So come along with me to MNSSHP! 

Know that lines for photos and characters will be long at this party, so let's start off with some cute photos you can get on your own ( without a line). 

 These pumpkins are displayed in the front of Magic Kingdom. You don't even need a park ticket to get this picture because it is before the park entrance.  You can get this photo anytime during the fall season, not just during the Halloween Party.  Disney Tip: Don't do this photo  right at park opening because this area will be crowded with other guests who also want to take photos.  

Now let's enter the park! 

Be sure to get a photo in front of the iconic Mickey Fall wreath. Bonus points if you find one where the castle is also in view!

Another photo you should get from the party is you with your trick or treat bag.  The one from this year looked similar to the one we got last year.  The front image was the same.

But the back of the bag was different, which was nice.

Look for these Disney PhotoPass Photo Ops!

The first PhotoPass photographer you will come across will be here on Main Street. This  photo op is available all day long during the Fall season, not just the Halloween party.  There is often a line here but it moves pretty fast. It's worth waiting for this photo spot. 

There will also be PhotoPass photographers in front of the cardboard cut out frames like this Sleepy Hallow one.

This Legend of Sleepy Hallow photo op was at the party last year as well.

However, we did not remember seeing the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea one.

The lines for the photo frames were not all that long, not as long as the Character lines.

The longest photo line I probably waited in was the one with Pooh and friends.  We did not wait for them last year ( because the line was way too long), so I'm glad I took time for the photo this time. Aren't they so cute?

In Adventureland I saw characters from Aladdin. Jafar did not have a long line, so I chose to get a photo with him and skip Jasmine and the Genie.

Also in Adventureland I met Captain Jack!

Then I headed over to Storybook Circus and found a bunch of friends in the Dumbo building!

This was a nice surprise, because these were all characters we did not get to see last year at the Party.  First up was Pumpkin Donald!

Followed by Minnie in her witch costume. Halloween Mickey is on Main Street in the theater but I chose to skip that line because I did get some good pictures with him last year. ( Also in the theater are Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas)

And Pirate Goofy! I noticed he was in a different pirate costume than when we saw him on the Disney WISH cruise ship earlier this year. 

Inside the Big Top, I found the Seven Dwarves. This is a nice treats because we rarely see all 7 dwarves at once. 

After all the Character photos, I made my way to Liberty Square to do some spooky magic shots!

  This was my first time seeing the hitchhiking ghosts from the haunted Mansion! ( They were here last year though, we just missed them).

And how spooky is this headless horseman magic shot?

In Fantasyland you will find the magic shot with Tinkerbelle's lantern

 And there is a Maleficent one too.  This is the same Maleficent shot I got last year at Disney Springs, so this may not be exclusive to the party.

I finished up the evening getting all the magic shots on Main Street.

The Flaming Pumpkin.

The cauldron.

Not sure who these guys are!

The purple castle.

The green castle. Bonus points if you get a Halloween balloon in your shot!

The poison apple.

Spook Scary Skeletons!

Huey, Dewy, and Louie! 

I guess you could say I just got carried away at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Oh, and one more picture I need to share is the Queen of Hearts Slushy!

Because you can't leave the party without getting and taking a photo of  a spooky snack!  The Queen of Hearts slushy can be found at Cheshire Cafe.

What photos would you like to get at the next Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party? -L

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