Disney Food Feature: Happy Haunts Milkshake

 Our Disney food feature this week is the Happy Haunts Milkshake at Magic Kingdom! 

The Happy Haunts milkshake is a drink themed after the Haunted Mansion. Since the Haunted Mansion doesn't have a place that sells food and drink, you can pick up this tasty treat at Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square.

We often pass by Columbia Harbour House ( we enjoy Pecos Bill better) when it's time for lunch or dinner. However, during our last visit we dropped by just for this spooky snack 

The Happy Haunts Milkshake is a blackberry milkshake. The blackberry taste is not over powering at all. In fact, if I didn't already know it was blackberry, I may not have even guessed that it was.  It is a very faint light purple color. It did have a good taste. It was like vanilla but a hint sweeter, but not too sweet like a lot of the "snacky" type drinks at Disney.


What makes this shake unique is that it is topped with a doughnut. You may remember that I am not a fan of doughnuts, so this was not the appeal for me. However, it is Fall, its getting close to Halloween, and I wanted a a festive treat. This one seems to be a classic this time of year so I thought I'd give it a try. I figured I'd drink the shake and give my sister the doughnut.  It would be a win-win for both of us.

    The doughnut is a chocolate doughnut with purple frosting and chocolate sprinkles. It at least made the milkshake look pretty.

After picking up my shake from the counter, we decided to go upstairs ( yes there is an upstairs at Columbia Harbour House) and people watch as we shared the various parts of the shake.

I ripped of one piece of the doughnut just to try it, and to my surprise it was good. I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't dry like I thought it would be. It was very moist and oh so chocolaty. The frosting on top wasn't sickening sweet either. 

As if the doughnut wasn't a good enough accessory to this shake, it is served with a purple Haunted Mansion themed straw. We actually took ours home to use in our own spooky beverages on Halloween!

As we shared the shake, it started to pour down rain outside. We ended up staying and enjoying Columbia Harbour House a bit longer. And no, we did not get another milkshake. 

At $7.99, this was a good treat for the both of us. It was very filling.  Keep in mind, this is indeed a Haunted Mansion themed treat, not necessarily a Halloween treat,  That means that it is available other times of the year, not just Fall.

Have you tries this spooky snack?   -M

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