Disney Featured Food/Drink, the 5-Legged Llama


Joffrey's coffee at Disney at Contemporary resort

There are so many good food and drink items at Disney, that we thought we would start a series called "Disney Food Feature" 

This week's feature just happens to be a drink.

This drink is called "The 5-Legged Llama!  If you've ever been to Disney's Contemporary resort, than you know the 5-Legged Goat is iconic there. The drink "The 5-legged Llama" is a nod to that.

5 legged goat mural at Disney's Contemporary Resort

The original painting of the 5-legged goat, by artist Mary Blair ( who also did the art work for It's a Small World)  is on the tower wall  in the concourse, ( which is best seen from the monorail).  This painting has become so iconic, that there is now a painting in the lobby as you enter the Contemporary. 

The 5-Legged llama drink can be found at Steak House 71, on the first floor of the Contemporary Resort. 

Steak house 71 Drink menu

The 5-Legged Llama drink is a non-alcoholic specialty drink.  As you can see from the menu above, it is a cold brew coffee with, maple vanilla syrup, and tonic water.  It was like a carbonated coffee.  For $6 it was worth the try. However, we thought it had a weird taste.  Lacey didn't hate it, but it would not be something we would order again. Ordering just a regular cold brew with out the tonic water would have been a better choice!  We also orders some meals and another drink we both enjoyed.  Stay tuned for our full review of Steak house 71 coming soon! 

Till next time!  - M & L

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