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A while back we participated in the Skyliner Scavenger Hunt at The Disney Resorts. This hunt took us to the Art of Animation Resort, which is along the skyliner route. During this visit, our initial thoughts were "it's cute but I don't feel we are missing out by not staying here".  The landscape was very barren, which made us feel like we were in the middle of the desert. 

Cars land at Disney Art of Animation resort

Maybe in the cars land section it was made to feel that way on purpose! Or maybe it's because it's just Florida in the middle of the summer!

However, we are on a mission to stay at all the Disney resorts at least once, and Art of Animation was next on our list! 

Since it was just the 2 of us, we booked a standard room in the Little Mermaid building. I've seen pictures of this room and it looked adorable with all it's Mermaid theming, so I was rather excited to check it out.

Art of Animation has the larger than life characters in front of each building and I can see where this would be really fun for kids. 

Our building was Little Mermaid building #8 and it was the furthest from the lobby. 

We had a view of the skyliner. 

At first glance, our room was really cute! 

Little mermaid clamshell beds

However, it was very small!  We had come from the Boardwalk Inn the night before so we were kind of spoiled there. 

Despite it's size, I was very impressed with all the "under the sea" details. 

Let's check them out:

Little mermaid clamshell beds

Adorable clam shell beds.

Check out this cute "under the sea" themed curtain that separates the bathroom from the bedroom.

Little mermaid bathtub and shower
Treasure design on inside of shower/tub.

Disney Little mermaid shower curtain
                                            Little Mermaid shower curtain.

                                    The extra hooks on the back of the door were a nice touch.

Single vanity at Disney Art of Animation Mermaid rooms / bathrooms

Having one sink is always a down side, but this vanity area was large enough for the both of us and we love how it kept with the under the sea theme!

Table and chairs at Little mermaid rooms
We were happy to have this cute little table and chair set, something some Disney resort rooms have been lacking lately. I actually ate dinner here one evening. 

Although we were at the far end of the resort, we had a swimming pool right in front of our building. 

Pools at Disney's Art of Animation

We actually took time one evening to enjoy the pool! That's something we rarely do, since we have a pool at home.

This is one of 3 swimming pools at this resort.  

How many pools are at Disney's Art of Animation?

The largest pool is in the Finding Nemo section ( which is considered the main pool) and then there is another pool in the Cars section. There is a pool bar/snack bar at the main pool.  The Lion King section does not have a swimming pool. Regardless of what section you are in, guests are free to use any pool.

Fairytales and Fitness Disney Travel Blog

Speaking of sections, The Little Mermaid section of the resort is the only section where you will find a standard room and keep in mind these are set up like the other "value resorts".  I would suggest only staying here if your party consist of two adults, or two adult and one small child. If you have any more than that ( even 2 small children) the rooms could feel crowded.

The Finding Nemo, Cars, and Lion King sections are all family suites. 

 We did not stay in one of these rooms first hand so I will not elaborate much on them.  I will say that since they are suites, they are much larger than the standard Mermaid room and of course so is the price. Unlike the other value rooms that are set up "motel style" with the room door leading right to the outside, these buildings have an indoor corridor.  You have to go into the building first, to access your room.  The only other Disney properties that have this are the deluxe resorts, which of course are even more expensive. 

There is one gift shop and one eatery here.  The food court is called Landscapes of flavor and it is actually quite good. I found that there was a good variety of food here. It was not just your average burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets.

  They had a lot of "create your own meal stations. I got this Orange Chicken dish and it was really tasty. One night I got a pulled pork sandwich and fries and that was equally good as well.

I did like that this resort was on the skyline route. I've heard that the skyliner can get quite crowded at park open and park close. I guess we always hit the timing just right because we never had to wait in a long line for either.

Over all, this is a really cute resort and the location gives you access to several other resorts fairly easily. You can walk over to Pop Century to check out that resort, or take the skyliner for a ride to Caribbean Beach and Riviera.  

The Skyliner will also give you access to two parks, ( Epcot and Hollywood Studios) which is a huge benefit.

However, we both agreed that for some reason, this just was not our favorite resort.  We are glad that we booked it and now have another Disney resort checked off our list, but we would prefer staying at other resorts before this one.

Our favorite Skyline resort is Caribbean Beach. Now that they have new rooms, it gives us another reason to go back!

What is your favorite skyliner resort?    -M & L

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