Milton Harvest Festival 5k Race

 September is here and that means fall races are in full swing. This past weekend I ran our local Harvest Festival 5k Race. I always look forward to this race every year.
 There are so many great things about this race. 

1. It's local so it's only 2 miles away from my house. 

2. It is a smaller race so there is never a problem finding parking or any lines for the restroom.

 3. This is the route I usually run when I'm home running, so I am very familiar with the course. 

4. It is early in the season so the weather is usually great. 
 In past years the race was at 9:30am and it got a little too hot by the end of the race so this year it was moved to 9am and that was perfect. It was actually a little chilly before the start which was a nice change.

I arrived only a half hour before the start with plenty of time to spare. I grabbed my bib and hung out with the family before the start. The race is pancake flat which is always nice. Apparently in years past the course was a bit long and people were complaining, so this year it was measured again and it was spot on. 

At the beginning of the race everyone goes out way too fast. I tried to pace myself so I had some gas left in the tank towards the end of the race. I was feeling good and didn't think I was going too fast, but when my watch beeped after the first mile that showed a 6:48 pace, I knew I had to slow down. I finally got into a rhythm and was running with some other runners. However, these runners were much younger than me. I don't think any of them were older than 10. I thought to myself OK Lace are you really trying to compete with these kids? They were quite the great pacers but I knew I could pick it up a bit and so I did.

 After I passed those younger runners, we were about halfway and I was starting to struggle a bit. I was hoping that those kids weren't going to catch up to me. After I rounded the corner I saw some family cheering me on so that gave me some more pep in my step. I was trying so hard for no one to pass me, and with the exception of two men, no one else did. I knew I was going to place in my age group but I didn't know where. You can always see the finish line way before you get to it. It always looks like it is closer than it really is. The last stretch of the race is a straight shot to the finish line, so I tried to pick it up as fast as I could to finish strong.

Usually they are quick to print out the results and post it so you know before the race ceremony but they were super busy so they never posted anything until right before. The overall female winner and I were in the same age group so I was also happy that she won overall so I could receive 1st in my age group. My cousin also received 1st in his age group. This was his first time receiving 1st so he was super excited! After the race ceremony I celebrated by having a bubble tea and enjoying beignets that my church was making during the festival. After walking around and seeing all the food and craft vendors it was time for the parade.

My Aunt lives right in front of where the parade goes by so I had a perfect view. Meranda has a convertible and was asked to drive two veterans during the parade. One is 101 years old. How amazing is that? It was such a nice afternoon. This weekend always feels like the kickoff for the fall season.

What races or activities do you have planned for the fall season? ~L

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  1. Nice job on your race, Lacey! It looks like a fun event...hard to believe it's that time of year for fall festivals already, LOL.

  2. Congratulations! 6:48- speedy lady!

  3. Wow that sounds like so much fun! Congrats to you and your cousin!!
    Post-race beignets sound fantastic!
    And how cool to drive veterans in a parade. Wow.

  4. Congrats to you and your cousin! Looks like a really fun hometown race

  5. Congrats to you. You did awesome as did your cousin.

    I have a very close small race. I'll run it but unfortunately I can't race it since I need to do a long run that day... remember those days?

  6. Bubble tea and beignets? Is that the next blog title? Love this race for you! Congratulations! No big race plans right now. I'm nursing an uncooperative foot.

  7. I love a good local race - it's always nice to sleep in your bed the night before and not have to rush the morning of the race.

    Congrats on a great race!

  8. Congrats! Looks like great weather and a fun race for everyone.


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