Coffee Talk

 I know I'm way late for a coffee talk post this month ( or maybe I'm early for next month), so perhaps I should just do a "catch up" post! 

Here is a quick run down!

August was a really packed month. We did a lot of "Disney-ing".

We stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort for the first time!

While there, we ran the Derby Dash.

We played Foot Golf at Disney's Oak Trail Golf course.  You can read about that adventure HERE

I got to go to another amusement park with my Pappy to celebrate as they celebrated veterans. 

In September Lacey ran the Harvest Festal 5K and won first in her age group.

I drove two veterans in the Harvest Parade.

Later in the month Lacey took a trip to Ireland and Germany, which she will share about in coming posts. 

What we are looking forward to.

We put some outdoor fall decor up but now I'm ready to decorate the inside and make it feel all cozy.

Sybie and I have the best costumes for Halloween! We are hoping to do Trunk or Treat at our church.

We have some more Disney content coming up, including a visit to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, so stay tuned!

We have lots more travel content coming your way.

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See ya real soon!    M & L

We may or may not catch the link up with Coco and Deborah

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