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Today we woke up in Nassau, Bahamas.  My sister and I have both been to Nassau many times before on previous cruises so we had already planned to just stay on the ship for the day.  It was a good thing we weren't planning on getting off because it was raining on and off all day.  We seemed to have had pretty rough water the night before.

The first thing we did was head to Marceline Market for the buffet breakfast. We got a seat by the window and we could see the waves crashing.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish incredibles Incredicourse, inflatable obstacle course

After breakfast we headed to the Incredi-course.  This was an inflatable obstacle course that we knew we wanted to try. You get a partner and your race them through the obstacles. You are not allowed to wear shoes so make sure you bring socks with you. That was one mistake we made. We had to go back to our stateroom to get a pair of socks. 

Disney Cruise line Disney Wish

 On our sailing, the Incredi-course was only open during the Nassau day, so there was a bit of a line, but we went first thing in the morning. They were open other hours throughout the day. Be sure to check you Navigator ( daily newsletter) to see day and time the course is available during your cruise if this is something you want to do. 

You can see a full video of us at the Incredi-course in my Instagram stories under Disney Cruise Highlights. Click HERE.

After the Incredi-course we ended up running into some characters in their "classic" attire so we got a few photos with them.

By this time the weather had cleared up a bit so we went to sit out on the top deck and take in the views. It was a bit windy but we enjoyed it.

                                 They had a movie playing on the big screen and it was Moana.

After that we decided it was time for lunch. Instead of going back to Marceline Market, we decided to try Donald's Cantina since we heard it was so good.  We each got a taco bowl and they were amazing!

                               After lunch we headed to the Joyful Sweet Shop to see all the desserts. 

This is basically a store, so any dessert you get from here you have to purchase. We didn't see anything we just had to have so we did decide to go back to Marceline Market and see what desserts they had there ( for free)!

We weren't really satisfied with the dessert we chose at Marceline Market, so we decided it would be a good time to go to the Bayou ( The Princess and the Frog themed lounge) to purchase those beignets Lacey had been wanting. So we grabbed a cup of coffee and head to deck 3.

When we got to deck 3 and went passed the grand atrium ( the center stair case), we noticed that a wedding was about to happen.  We thought it was odd that they would do the ceremony right there in the middle of the atrium with all the guests walking by and all the noise that was being created. We sat on a near by bench and stayed and watched for a little bit (like all the other guests that were there). Some of the guests that were walking by even took photos.  We didn't take any photos or video because something told me that was just the wrong thing to do. On the other hand, the bride and groom had to know that people would be watching and possibly recording their special day. 

We continued to make our way to the Bayou for the beignets only to find out that the venue was closed because that is where the bride and groom were having their reception. This was really a nice place to have a reception so we were glad for them that they were able to rent it out. But then when we were told that they Bayou would not be open again to the public till 8:00pm, we were a little disappointed.  Not just disappointed for us, but for  the other 3,000 or so guests that were also on this ship. It was now 1:00pm and this venue was going to be closed till 8:00pm.  That really wasn't fair to everyone else. The Bayou is a popular location on this ship (and the only place to get beignets I might add) and it was just a shame that it was going to be closed for so long when our sailing is such a short one to begin with. 

Since we couldn't go into the Bayou we decided to walk around and see what other fun was going on around the ship.

 We caught the tail end of a presentation about the Making of the Wish, and then watched a DVC presentation before going to another lounge to watch a family type game show where they pick families to go on stage to answer questions. That was cute.

After the games, we decided to head back to our state room and get ready for dinner.  We had early seating at 5:45 pm. Tonight was Marvel night for us (We would be dinning at World of Marvel restaurant) but it was also Pirate night on the ship as well. 

We didn't have to rush around to get ready for dinner this night like we did the night before, so we had plenty of time to walk around the ship before dinner.

Disney cruise line Disney Wish  pirate night characters

To our surprise, a lot of the characters were out for photos and they were dressed in their pirate gear! We had enough time to see a few of them before dinner but put it on our mental list that we wanted to find Pirate Mickey later that night.

Dinner was at World of Marvel and even though neither of us are Marvel fans or know that much about it, we enjoyed it. It was themed very well and I'm sure Spiderman's appearance elevated the experience for some guests.  We'll talk more about the food and the restaurant in another post.

Something interesting that we learned at dinner from one of our table mates was that there were suppose to be 4 cruise ships that were docking at Nassau today. I think she said the other three ships were Royal Caribbean ships. However, all the other ships cancelled coming into this port because of the storm. The Disney Wish was the only ship that came into Nassau that day.  I didn't realize the storm had been that bad.

Disney cruise line pirate night on Disney Wish

After dinner there was a character pirate performance inside on the atrium stage.  This is were pirate Mickey and all his friends sang and danced to " A pirates life for me" and other tunes. It was a cute show and we loved seeing all the characters in their pirate outfits. 

After that we headed to the main stage show.  After checking the Navigator ( the onboard newsletter) we knew that pirate Mickey was going to be making an appearance on atrium stage as soon as the main stage show was over. For this reason, we made sure to sit in the back of the theater so we could easily exit and not have to wait in too long of a line to see pirate Mickey. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish stage show the Little mermaid

The mainstage show this night was The Little Mermaid. This was another great performances.  Since we bought a popcorn bucket last night during the show, we were able to get a refill for only $1.50.

                                               Then we headed out to see pirate Mickey.

Disney Tip: If you are not into character pictures ( especially as adults) be sure to at least get a picture with Pirate Mickey and Captain Mickey. You'll want these to commemorate your trip. And yes, there were lots of adults and couples without children waiting to visit with Mickey during this cruise. 

Pirate night on Disney Wish cruise, Pirate outfit for cruise

After our meet and greet, we went back to the stateroom to change our clothes for the pirate party. Lacey had a pirate outfit and accessories she was wearing but I opted not to put my pirate dress on. 

I decided that I wanted to be comfortable so I put my Minnie leggings on since I knew we were going to be outside on the deck and it was a bit breezy. 

The pirate's rockin parlay party was outside on the top deck with live music and "pirates",  These were real people, not Disney characters.  They played a couple songs and people were dancing, but then it was time for the main event, the fireworks at sea!  We were watching the show from the very top deck ( the adults only deck) and were even able to lay down on the cushioned lounge chairs to watch the fireworks.

 They were just so amazing and probably my favorite part of the night.  We hung out on the top deck for a little while after the fireworks ended and then went back to our state room and called it a night.

Have you ever seen Fireworks at sea?  I didn't think we had before but then I remembered we use to see fireworks on Virginia Beach that were over the ocean!

Have you ever seen a wedding on a cruise ship?  I've never seen a ceremony taking place but I know on other cruise ships I've been on they've done weddings in private areas away from guests.

Till next time!  M & L

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