Disney Cruise -The Wish- Day 1

 Our first day of our Disney cruise actually started at Disney World. We had stayed at the Disney Beach Club and that is where we were meeting our bus to take us to the port. There were several other guests who were either staying at Beach Club, Yacht Club or Swan and Dolphin meeting there too. There was a cruise representative there to give us directions and make sure we had all the documents we needed to board. 

While we were waiting, the representative mentioned how many bottles of alcohol we were allowed to bring on board. I didn't pay attention because I knew we didn't have any to bring. But then, Lacey decided that since we were allowed to bring it, that she would go to the gift shop and buy a bottle of wine. ( This would be important to remember later)

Also important to note, all of our bags were carry on bags.

We boarded the bus and a little over an our we pulled up to Port Canaveral! Our first day was a long one, so this post will be too!

Disney Cruise line Port Canaveral

We pulled up to the port at 10:47 am. Before we got off the bus, the port representative told us that we had to dump any opened bottles of liquid before we went through port security, but sealed bottles would be okay.  I guess it would be just like going through the airport security. I had a bottle of water that I was dinking on the bus, so I ended up tossing it as I got off the bus.  The bus driver got our carry on bags from under the bus and the port representative told us to leave them with her and that they would automatically be sent to our state room.  We told her they were our "carry -ons", but she insisted we leave them there.  Even though they were carry -ons, they were still roller boards so we thought it would be easier to just leave them with her than to have to carry them with us until we got to our state room, since we didn't know when that would be. So each of us had our little backpacks and we were on our way!

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Getting through the terminal was quite easy. We did have to go through security and a metal detector just like at an airport but that was seamless.  We were through by 11:12 am. We waited upstairs and got to go out on the observation deck and see the ship. The excitement was brewing.  They had a photographer there to take your welcome aboard picture if you wanted one. 

Disney Pressed Penny

We found a pressed penny machine while we waited, so of course I had to make some of those. 

At 11:45 am they started called boarding group 1 and nobody got up to get on, so then they called boarding group 2 and that was us! By 11:46 we were on the ship!

Disney Cruise line, Disney Wish

They announced our name as they welcomed us aboard! The grand concourse area is so beautiful. This ship is literally like a fairytale. Just with the colors and decor, I would say this is Cinderella's ship!

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

After being in aww, we made our way to Marceline Market for lunch. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

Marceline Market is the Buffet on board. Well, I guess it is more like cafeteria style since the cast members serve you. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

They definitely have something for everyone here!

We got a seat by the window and noticed that it looked like a storm was coming. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

I happened to look down at the water and I spotted a dolphin. This trip was already starting off magical!

After lunch we made our way to tour the spa and gym areas.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

Compared to other ships ( non - Disney) that we've been on, the gym was teeny tiny.  Usually the gyms are on the top deck and the ellipticals and bikes over look the ocean.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

 This was not the case here.  But that's okay, we didn't plan on spending a lot of time here.

At this time, it had started to rain, so we decided that we would stay and take advantage of the spa amenities and use the steam room.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

The heated loungers were a part of the Rainforest room  which is an additional package you can purchase.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

 After the steam room we spent some time in the relaxation room. At this time, an alarm went off and we were told we had to evacuate the area ( along with everyone else in the spa). We had no idea what was going on. Since we had just come from the steam room, we were only in our swimsuits and towels. One of the cast members said that she would bring us a robe. We waited for a few minutes and nobody ever came back.  Finally, a cast member came back and told us that we did not have to leave.  We never did find out what happened but after things calmed down, we left the spa anyway. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

We headed down to our state room because we were told we could get in our room at 2:00pm and sure enough at 1:59 they dropped the rope and we were headed down the hall to find our room.  We were on deck 6 and I was super excited to find out that we had a Cinderella themed room. ( I will share more about our stateroom and why we picked this particular location in a different blog post).

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

We did have a Deluxe Stateroom with a Verandah and it was lovely. I absolutely loved the Wish blanket on the bed and was hoping I could purchase in the gift shop, but it was not available.

After checking out our room, we explored the rest of the ship and found where all the restaurants and other venues were located.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

  This is a glimpse inside the "Untangled" salon! On other ships we've been on, the Salons are in the spa area. This one was not.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

This is one of the bars on one of the main decks

  We  went to our muster drill location for the brief demo and then back to the room to see if our luggage had made it there yet. When we went to our room the first time, we seen many other staterooms that had their luggage in front of their doors but ours was not there.  They still were not there when we went back after the muster drill. We were starting to get concerned because the dresses we wanted to wear for dinner that night were in our bags. A while later, a stateroom steward brought more bags up and mine was among them, but Lacey's was not. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

I'm glad I got my bag because I had a sweatshirt in there that I wanted to wear to the Sail Away party on the top deck since it was windy.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

The Sail Away party was fabulous. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

A lot of the Disney characters and dancers sang and danced and then the ships horn blew to the tune of  "When you wish upon a star".  

Hearing the sound of the horn was the equivalent to walking through the entrance of Magic Kingdom. It just gives you all the feels!  If you have Instagram, you can watch the video in my stories HERE. 

After the Sail Away party we headed back to our room and we did find that some of Lacey's luggage was there but she was missing one of the bags that was attached to her larger bag.  She had her dinner dress in her larger back so I took her dress and my dress up to the laundry room to iron them ( there are no irons in the staterooms). While I was doing that, she called guest services to track down the missing bag.  While she was on the Stateroom phone, I took both dresses and motioned to her that I had my phone in case she needed to message me for anything.

The laundry facility is called "Fairytale Laundry".  It is  huge and is lovely! I can't believe how busy it was in there. An awful lot of people were doing laundry already on the first day of the cruise!  As I was ironing I glanced down and noticed that I did not take my phone, I took Lacey's.  Oh no! Now not only is she flipping out because her luggage is lost, now she is going to think she lost her phone as well. I tried to to call MY phone from her phone but I couldn't unlock her phone.  There was a ship phone in the laundry room that I used to call our stateroom, but she didn't answer.   I finished up the ironing and made it back to our stateroom quickly to wait for her to come back.  I was really hoping that she would come back and that she was not running around the ship looking for her phone!

Lacey did come back to the room a few minutes later with her luggage and was relieved to find that I had her phone.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

Tonight our formal dinner was in 1928 and we both had nice dresses we wanted to wear and we wanted to take our time getting ready. We had early seating at 5:45 pm and we just felt rushed with everything that was going on. We had enough time to just slip our dresses on and pull our hair back and go. Thank goodness for dry shampoo! 

The 1928 dinner was really lovely. We'll talk about the restaurants and all the food later in a separate post since that can be lengthy.  I will tell you that our servers and head waiter were phenomenal.  We were placed at a table with people we did not know.  We were the last two still sitting at the table after dinner and our server came up to us and asked if we were okay sitting with strangers, If we weren't, he would make sure that we could sit by ourselves.  We told him that we were fine sitting there and that we enjoyed the company.

After dinner we headed to the main stage theatre for the Welcome Aboard show which was called "Seas the Adventure".  It was a really cute show about Captain Goofy being lost at sea and meeting up with other Disney characters.  It was a live show, but we were not allowed to take video or photos during the performance. 

Just outside the theatre is a stand called Preludes. Here you can purchase beverages, including wine, and popcorn and treats for the show. Before the show starts, there are also cast members that will walk through the theatre taking orders. 

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

We were excited to see that they were selling the Disney 100th anniversary popcorn buckets, so of course we bought one.  They also had the Mickey head shaped buckets and the Mickey body buckets.  After the initial purchase of the popcorn bucket, any additional  popcorn refills you get are only $1.50  ( or at least this was the price during our sailing).

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

After  the stage show, we went to one of the lounges and watched some game shows.  There was a cool game we never heard off before called "Heard That".  They had some contestants come up on the little stage and they would play tunes from things like old TV theme shows  and commercials, and just common sounds.  The one sound they played was the sound of the old  dial up internet trying to connect!  Neither of the contestants knew what the sound was but  everyone in the audience, including my sister and I knew it!

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

Throughout the night, we would see the Characters in their sailor outfits walking around the public areas of the ship. This was a fun touch. It was like a little scavenger hunt to see if you could catch one as they walked by.

We had about 30 minutes till the next thing we wanted to see at midnight so we went up to the top deck to walk around and it was so empty.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

 No one was there and the only thing open was Daisy's Pizza parlor so we decided to grab a slice of pizza while we waited.

Disney cruise line, Disney Wish

One of the things the Disney Wish is known for is it's "Good Night Kiss".  This is a small light show and chiming of the chandelier that happens in the grand atrium area at Midnight ( and 11 pm and 10 pm for those that don't make it till midnight).   We made it to the midnight kiss and then it was time for us to call it a night ourselves.

We had a very full first day on the Disney Wish.    - M & L

If you'd like to see more photos and live videos, I've share some in my Instagram Highlights under Disney Cruise.  You can  see that HERE.

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