Disney Cruise- Disney Wish -Day 4 and Final Thoughts

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Today was sadly our last day on the Disney Wish.

For some reason I ended up waking up at 5:30 am. It was still dark out but I saw some blinking lights through the window. I walked out to our veranda and saw that we were pulling into Port Canaveral. 

I watched for a little bit before going back to the bed to lay down for a bit. 

When we finally got up and ready for the day, my sister got a message on her phone that our flight had been delay. It had been delayed by 7 hours!  We were bummed for about a minute, but quickly realized that we were not going to spend those hours sitting at the airport.  We decided that we were going to go back to Disney.

Because we didn't have to rush to get to the airport, we decided that we would go to the dining room for breakfast.

 The dining room where you had your last dinner, would be the dining room that you are assigned to for breakfast on your last day.  

Disney Wish dining options, Arendelle

Since our last dinner was in Arendelle, that is where we went for breakfast.

Since we only had carry on bags, (and we had such a snafu with our luggage earlier), we chose to keep our bags with us the entire time instead of sitting them outside of our state room door to be taken off the ship for us.  We did take our bags to breakfast with us, but there was a space out front of the restaurant for everyone to park their luggage. Sort of like stroller parking at the parks!

Where to have Breakfast on the Disney Wish ship
Since we had plenty of time, we were able to relax and enjoy our breakfast and talk to our server without being rushed.

Debarkation day breakfast on the Disney Wish

Our breakfast.

Afterwards, we decided to make our way off the ship.  We were excited to start our day at Disney!

We had already paid for a transfer from the port to the airport, but instead of taking that, we took the transfer back to Disney.

Review of Disney Cruise, Disney Cruise Tips

We did love our Disney Cruise but here are some of our final thoughts that you could keep in mind when planning a Disney cruise.

1. A Disney Cruise is a glorified Disney resort. But here me out... We LOVE the Disney resort hotels, so we are okay with this. What I mean by this is that if you've ever been on any other cruise line (Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival, etc)  the Disney ships are smaller in comparison and don't have as much "activity" (Rock climbing wall, skating rink, casino, surf simulators, zip lines, bowling allies, etc).   With that being said, we didn't miss any of these. We loved the beauty of the ship, the entertainment, and just remaining in that "Disney Bubble".

2. This may hold true for any cruise, but we would highly suggest keeping a carry on bag with what ever items and clothing you think you may need for that first day/evening on board. We had a luggage snafu and almost didn't get our luggage before our dinner. And when we did get our luggage (that had our dinner clothes in it) we felt rushed to get around.  So carry that extra bag with a swim suit, dinner clothes, ect.  You may not want to carry it around the ship very long, but you will be glad you have that bag if the rest of your luggage does not come when you need it.

3. Don't be afraid to utilize the extra showers at the spa (they have both women's and men's locker rooms that you can use. You don't have to be getting a service or buy a day pass to use the locker rooms. We've done this before on many cruises and it is quite a time saver when multiple people in the same stateroom are getting ready.

4. Buy the photo package ahead of time. Unlike at Disney parks, where you have 45 days to decided and purchase any photos, on Disney cruise line you have to make your purchase on the ship before you get off, no exceptions.  This was not communicated to us clearly so we did not have the opportunity to purchase our cruise pictures. Cruise pictures include all character photos where there is a photo pass photographer (on the ship and if there is a photographer on Castaway Cay), any formal backdrop pictures you get taken, and dinner pictures that are taken.  You do not have to purchase the "unlimited" package. You can purchase individual downloads or in sets of 10 or 15 I believe. 

5. Will we do another Disney Cruise? Absolutely!  From what I've seen and heard about other Disney ships, the Wish is the most elegant (It's Cinderella's ship)! I was worried that any of the other ships wouldn't be as spectacular but as I read and see more of Disney's newest ship "The Treasure" that will be sailing in 2024 I am being proved wrong. The Treasure is the sister ship to the Wish and proves to be just as elegant with its theming. This will be Jasmine and Aladdin's ship!

Thank you for reading about all our days on the Disney Wish.  I hope some of our tips (or mistakes we made) helps you on your Disney cruise. If you are not planning a Disney cruise, I hope we entertained you!

Till next time....M & L

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  1. So interesting. I like how you saidit - the Disney "bubble"...that would be fun to stay just immersed in all things Disney.
    I'm just afraid I'd be sea-sick the whole time... & I would want to eat all that food!!!!

    1. It was stormy so we did have some motion on the boat. There are so many things to try at meal time and you can have whatever you want!


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