What I did at Oktoberfest !


Welcome back! In my previous post I talked about our time in Dublin. You can read that post HERE.

We arrived in Munich and were ready for Oktoberfest! We were able to get checked in to our hotel right away. We were on a little time crunch because we had to meet my friend's colleague at one of the beer tents that were specifically reserved for that evening. We needed to make sure we dressed the part and luckily they were selling just what we needed in the hotel lobby. We changed into our outfits and we were off.

This fair is huge. Plenty of food, rides, games, and of course beer. The tent that we were fortunate to be in was catered. It was the Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent. 

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

We had a nice appetizer of a meat and cheese board with soft pretzels and dips. For the main course we had steak, chicken, and pork. For the dessert we could choose from a savory warm brie or a sweet bread pudding. By this time I was so full that I wasn't really able to enjoy the dessert as much as I'd hope. 

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

There was a band playing throughout the night and everyone was having a good time and dancing. There were no rules in this tent apparently. By the end of the night people were dancing on the tables and no one said a word.

Kafer Wies' n Schanke tent

Each table had a bunch of trinkets that you could take home with you such as mugs, scarves, and coin purses. There was even a sewing kit if you needed to hem your drindle quick. It was over the top in this specific tent. It was an amazing experience to feel such VIP that evening. This tent also stayed open much later than any other ones. After we closed the tent down we got coaxed into going to a nightclub. Who is this girl? Surely someone that is not 21 anymore and let me tell you I was feeling it the following day. 

Did we take it easy the next day? Of course not, it's Oktoberfest. My friend just arrived from the states so we had to do it up again. Well not quite like the day before but it was still a lot. We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to Oktoberfest.

This was quite a difference experience than the night before. I guess we were "normal" people now. Getting pushed and shoved inside a crowded tent searching for a spot to sit that didn't have spilled beer on a table, let alone sitting on one for a quick picture or security would be there in a flash. If I didn't know any different, I would think this was great, but after getting spoiled the night before I did have something to compare it to.

German Drindle dress

The following day we took a break from Oktobefest and explored the city a bit. We visited the iconic Hofbrauhaus and did a little shopping downtown. 


Our final day we went back once again to Oktoberfest. By this time, my friend and I were a little sick of beer so we found the wine tent instead. We enjoyed singing and dancing with people we met. Some were locals and some were even from Philadelphia, small world.

Since this was our last night and we had an early flight the following day, we didn't want to be out late. After we left Oktoberfest we enjoyed hotel's executive lounge for drinks and appetizers before ordering a pizza in.

Even though I am not much of a beer drinker, Oktoberfest has always been on my bucket list and now I can cross it off. It was an amazing experience and I was happy to have gone. However, I feel like it is a one and done for me.

Have you ever experienced Oktoberfest? If so, what are your thoughts about it?~L

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  1. I just love more than anything that you have MULTIPLE dresses that fit in with Oktoberfest! So much fun!!!!


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