Our Experience at Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs

Swirls on the Water is Kiosk in Disney Springs that sells frozen treats.  Many of the treats are for a limited time and some are to commemorate the 50th anniversary celebration. 

Some of the iconic treats are the Dole Whip Nachos and the Dole Whip Flight. 

We specifically went there for the Dole Whip Flight. 

We had dinner that evening at Rain Forest Cafe and the Swirls on the Water Kiosk is caddy corner from there. I could literally feel the heat from the volcano eruption while I was standing in line. Speaking of line, it wasn't that long. There may have been 5 (maybe 6) people in front of me yet it took forever! There were people who got in line behind me that then decided to leave because it took so long.

I knew from social media that the Dole Whip Flight I was ordering was visually pleasing ( so I was hoping to take a really nice picture of it).  The more I waited in line, the more I realized that it could possibly be dark by the time I got my order. I seriously considered getting out of line and coming back the next day just so I could get a nice picture in the daylight. But I was already here, so decided to stay.

While I was waiting, I heard that they were out of some of the specialty cones, so those treats had to be given in cups. I bet that was sort of disappointing for the people who waited in line to get those treats. 

As people in front of me ordered at the counter, they then had to step to the side and wait for their name to be called. I did the same thing. Several people who were receiving their frozen treats had mentioned that the stand was out of spoons.  One customer did tell the lady working at the counter and she said they would come out and fill it in a minute.  More customers were receiving their orders and still waiting on spoons.  I had not received my order yet but I did say to the lady behind the counter " Can you please not continue to make more orders until the spoon dispenser is filled.  People are standing here with their ice creams ( or doles whips) and they are melting".  Yes, it was evening, but it was still hot!  In the next few seconds, a girl had come out to fill the spoons. 

Eventually I received my Dole Whip Flight and was pleased to see that it was enough for my sister and I to share. I was not so pleased that it had already turned dark and I wasn't going to get a decent picture, but I tried anyway. 

The flavors were from left to right:

Pineapple and Vanilla,  Lemon and Blue butter Cookie, and Purple Cheesecake and Strawberry.

If you've ever had the original Dole Whip Float than the Pineapple and Vanilla isn't anything different. I sort of wish they would have replaced that with one of the unique flavors.  The Lemon and Blue butter cookie had more of an over powering lemon taste but it did have a Mickey shaped cookie with it, and the Strawberry Cheesecake was probably the most flavorful with a creamy strawberry taste. 

For only $6.49, I would say this is a good snack to get to share just to taste each one and have something different.  I know that they did have some different flavors in the past so perhaps in the future they will replace the Pineapple Dole Whip with something else. 

What is your favorite flavor of Dole Whip?  - M

I believe the Swirls on the Water kiosk use the be the old Aristo Crepes stand. 

Many of the photos in this post were from the Disney Springs website.

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