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During our recent stay at Wilderness Lodge, we were in Boulder Ridge in a Deluxe Studio. This worked just fine for our little family of four for this trip.  Boulder Ridge and Copper Creek are both the DVC ( Disney Vacation Club) sides of the resort but you don't have to be a DVC member to stay there. 

The Boulder Ridge building is actually connected to the main building by a covered walk way.  Another perk of staying in Boulder Ridge is that the bus stops for the parks is right in front of this building!  You'll want to take the bus to Magic Kingdom and the boat dock is located in the back of the resort, near Bay Lake of course. 

Our Deluxe Studio sleeps 5 and it was roomy enough for us. Although we did not request it, I believe it was a handicap accessible room. There were definite drawbacks for us having this accessible room when we did not need it.  First off, we had absolutely no counter space in the bathroom.  

We didn't have a vanity on the sink so my sister brought in the little patio table from the balcony!  Also, since it was an accessible room, we did not have the separate sink area and bathtub/toilet area. It was all one room.  Since we already had a sink in the kitchenette area, this wasn't such a big deal but I wanted to point it out. There is not a bathtub in this particular room like there would have been in a regular room, just a shower.  However, it was a nice size shower and it was nice to have a bench that pulled down so we could sit shampoo and stuff on it, because again, no shelves or anything in the shower. 

It was nice to have the kitchenette area (something we would not have had in a standard room at Wilderness Lodge). The Kitchenette had a sink, microwave, mini fridge, toaster, and a variety of paper products and plastic silverware.  Again, because we were in the accessible room, our kitchenette was set up a tad different. We did not have the counter space the other Studio villas had. Our microwave was on the lower counter and we didn't have the available shelving or as much cupboard space as the other Studios.  This was not really a problem for us since we weren't really making meals there, but again something to point out. 

Rooms at Boulder Ridge

Like I mentioned, this Studio sleeps 5. There was one queen size bed, a pull out sofa that was a full size bed, and a pull down twin bed.  

Pull down trundle bed at Disney Wilderness Lodge

My sister is a tiny adult, so this little bed fit her perfectly and she said it was quit comfy too. 

 I really can't say that about the pull out bed I slept on! 

When the little bed is folded up, it become a table. Even with all the beds folded out, we had plenty of room to still walk around.  In the room we had a tall chest of drawers and an armoire. The regular studios do not have an armoire but I believe ours did because we did not have a closet. 

It would have been nice if there had been a mirror on the back of one of the armoire doors or even one on the back of the door coming into the room, or in the hallway, or anywhere! The only mirror we had was the one in the bathroom. And even then, we didn't even have one of those round magnifying mirrors that come out of the wall that we like so much!  Thank goodness I had a handheld mirror ( albeit a tiny one).  

                          And had to set it up like this.  Definitely not ideal, but it worked. 

We were on the 2nd floor and had a really nice garden view.  We spent a lot of time on our balcony.  First floor rooms have a patio. I've heard people say the patios are small, but there is enough space for 2 patio chairs, a small table and at times I brought out one of the chairs from the room for a third chair. It was nice to sit out there and have our breakfast. 

In the lobby of the Boulder Ridge building are rustic rocking chairs and a cozy fireplace. 

If you are into History of Walt Disney ( and why wouldn't you be?) there is a room behind the lobby called the Carolwood Pacific Railroad room. 

This room is dedicated to Walt's love of trains and the history of the miniature railroad he created.  It also has a fireplace and some cozy chairs. There are also tables in here which I suppose you could eat at if you wanted to do dinner in the villa but did not have a full size table.

Another advantage of staying in the Boulder Ridge building is that the Health Club Sturdy Branches is located there. You can access Sturdy Branches right from inside the lobby ( with your room key or magic band) or there is also an exterior entrance as well. 

We really enjoyed Wilderness Lodge itself, and the Deluxe Studio we were assigned to was in a great location and we loved having a studio. However, the lack of mirrors, counter space, and storage space was a bit frustrating during our stay.  Probably the nicest thing about having the accessible room was having the bigger bathroom.

Just in case you want to avoid this room (or request it), our room number was 2546.  Your Welcome! 

This was the second time we were given an accessible room without requesting it. Years ago we were given one at old Key West. In that instance we thought it was great. Those bathrooms were literally huge and there was more space in the kitchenette. Although I do believe Old Key West has the largest Deluxe Studios in general anyway. 

For a more in depth look at the Disney's Wilderness Lodge and why we chose it this time, please take a look at our other blog posts. You may enjoy Our Complete Guide to Disney's Wilderness Lodge.

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